Jul 242014
Make your own soft homemade play dough

After this recipe for speckled homemade play dough, I wanted to try to make one that wasn’t speckled at all, but rather soft, smooth and all one color. Actually, the recipe for the speckled kind came about because I mixed in the food coloring after the dough was formed and Keep reading this post…

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Jul 082014
Best Watermelon Drinks

Is there a fruit more iconic of summer than watermelon?!? I think not. There’s nothing quite like the refreshing, sweet taste of cold watermelon on a hot Summer day! Even better when the watermelon is served in drink form! I love cold, refreshing drinks in the summer! Here are a few drink recipes Keep reading this post…

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Jul 072014
Decorative Storage Box from Diaper Box

Diaper boxes – they’re a dime a dozen when you have a young child in the house! We’ve gone through so many diaper boxes over the years and I’ve found that these boxes can be upcycled into pretty, decorative storage. Diaper boxes are the perfect size for making into decorative Keep reading this post…

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Jul 062014
Sharpie Marker Knobs

This tutorial for embellishing plain white drawer knobs only needs one implement: a permanent Sharpie marker. It is really simple and doesn’t require any fancy technique. Just drawing on plain white drawer knobs. I’ve tried it and I can tell you it works! It looks great and holds up well. Ours have been Keep reading this post…

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Jul 052014
Speckled Edible Playdough

Edible playdough that even the babies can play with? Yes, please! My baby (11 months) wants to play with everything – and I mean everything – her big sister plays with. This is both good and bad. Good that they love playing together and can entertain each other for some Keep reading this post…

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Jul 042014
Colorful Salt Art: a craft for kids

This colorful salt art craft for kids is a perfect boredom buster for those days when you’re stuck in the house and need to keep the little ones entertained! The only supplies needed are probably already in your house right now. This is a fun little kids’ project, where salt is used as an Keep reading this post…

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Jul 022014
Coconut Cranberry Jello Recipe

It’s the Summer – who wants to turn on the oven to bake a dessert? Not me! When I’m in the mood for a dessert when it’s scorchingly hot outside, a nice cold, refreshing plate of Jello is delightful! But let’s face it, plain ol’ Jello can get boring! That’s why this recipe Keep reading this post…

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Jun 302014
Makeover: kitchen wall

Ever since we moved into our current house, one of the walls in the kitchen always nagged me. Not enough to do anything about it for 3-4 years (oops!). Just enough to convince me to make it over when I had some free time (I rarely have free time with these two kids Keep reading this post…

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