Oct 232014
More cool DIY Halloween costumes

Have you bought your Halloween costume? Nope? Me neither! If you’re willing to make it yourself, you can make a pretty cool costume on the cheap. Check out these really cool DIY Halloween costumes! More cool DIY Halloween costumes Bag of Jelly Beans Madame Butterfly Awesome Spaceman Hula Girl Mr Keep reading this post…

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Oct 222014
Healthy hard-boiled egg breakfast

This morning I had such a lovely breakfast that was colorful (good sign of healthful, nutritious components) and full of veggies! It was so easy to make and was a wonderful way to start my day. It’s amazing how great it feels to start the day on a healthy note. Keep reading this post…

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Oct 212014
Easy weeknight tacos

Are you looking for an easy, weeknight dinner that’s quick to prepare, healthy¬†and full of flavor? Then these Easy Weeknight Tacos are just the solution – they take almost no time to make and are so delicious you won’t believe you made these at home in under 10 minutes. As Keep reading this post…

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Oct 192014
Delicious egg recipes

Are you looking for some delicious egg recipes? Eggs are such a healthy food and a great way to satisfy an appetite. These egg recipes below are so full of flavor and are so easy to make, I’m sure they’ll become part of your regular rotation! Also, eggs don’t have Keep reading this post…

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Oct 182014
Berry & Yogurt White Cake Cobbler

Looking for a delicious and healthier dessert cake option? Then this recipe for berry and yogurt white cake cobbler is sure to tantalize your taste buds. It’s so sweet and rich and creamy and crunchy – really everything you could ever want from a mixed berry cake-cobbler hybrid! This recipe Keep reading this post…

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Oct 172014
Sesame topped teriyaki broccoli

This recipe for sesame seed topped teriyaki broccoli is a delicious and easy side dish that is sure to complement entrees like chicken, fish or beef. It’s a hearty side dish that is healthy and full of flavor. I use frozen broccoli florets in this recipe for its convenience and Keep reading this post…

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Oct 162014
Roasted sweet carrots

This side dish is so delicious and so easy to prepare! If you have fussy eaters (and I have two of them- a 3 year old one and a 15 month old one), try this recipe and your little ones may fall in love with carrots! I know mine did! Keep reading this post…

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Oct 152014
Mason jar recipes {gift ideas}

With the holidays only a few months away, it is time to start thinking about gift ideas. I like gifts that are thoughtful, easy to make, affordable and handmade. These mason jar recipes I’m going to share with you today fit all these requirements – they are so sweet and Keep reading this post…

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