Aug 012014
Lime & Mint soda

This lime and mint soda was inspired by a trip to France when I was around 16. I was walking down the streets, which were lined by cafes and restaurants. And so many people were drinking this bright green soda drink. I was certainly intrigued and had to inquire around. Keep reading this post…

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Jul 302014
Light summer salad with pesto dressing

It’s no secret that I’m a big salad fan in the Summer! This light summer salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, and onion is dressed with a semi-homemade pesto sauce. It’s flavorful, delicious and easy on the waistline – low in fat and low in calories. It’s a perfect start to a meal. Keep reading this post…

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Jul 292014
Sesame teriyaki broccoli recipe

This recipe for Asian broccoli features the flavors of sesame and teriyaki for a truly delectable taste experience. I made a big batch of this at home and let’s just say my kids went after it. Big time! The girls could not get enough of this broccoli. So needless to say, this Keep reading this post…

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Jul 282014
Mexican eggs breakfast wrap recipe

Breakfast… it’s that time of day when you want something satisfying enough to carry you through the morning but you don’t want to slave away in the kitchen preparing complicated meals. This breakfast wrap recipe with Mexican flavors is packed full of flavor and is sure to tantalize your tastebuds & Keep reading this post…

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Jul 272014
Craft a personalized blackboard door sign

Did you know that Walmart sells small blackboard signs in their School Supplies section for under $2 bucks? I found out that nifty little factoid the last time I was perusing the Stationery section of the store. There were a bunch of different blackboard signs available and I was quite impressed Keep reading this post…

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Jul 262014
Honeydew almond milk smoothie recipe

Is there anything better than a cold, thick and sweet smoothie in the summertime? This honeydew almond milk smoothie is so refreshing and delightful on a warm Summer day! It takes just a few minutes to prepare and will keep you satisfied and cool when the temperature rises. Honeydew almond Keep reading this post…

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Jul 242014
Make your own soft homemade play dough

After this recipe for speckled homemade play dough, I wanted to try to make one that wasn’t speckled at all, but rather soft, smooth and all one color. Actually, the recipe for the speckled kind came about because I mixed in the food coloring after the dough was formed and Keep reading this post…

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Jul 082014
Best Watermelon Drinks

Is there a fruit more iconic of summer than watermelon?!? I think not. There’s nothing quite like the refreshing, sweet taste of cold watermelon on a hot Summer day! Even better when the watermelon is served in drink form! I love cold, refreshing drinks in the summer! Here are a few drink recipes Keep reading this post…

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Jul 072014
Decorative Storage Box from Diaper Box

Diaper boxes – they’re a dime a dozen when you have a young child in the house! We’ve gone through so many diaper boxes over the years and I’ve found that these boxes can be upcycled into pretty, decorative storage. Diaper boxes are the perfect size for making into decorative Keep reading this post…

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