Sep 012014
Frothy blueberry smoothie {secret ingredient}

This recipe for a frothy blueberry smoothie features a secret ingredient that will make this drink extra thick and rich! You will never believe this smoothie is actually healthy once you taste how delectable it is. With just a few ingredients and a blender, you can whip together this drink for Keep reading this post…

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Aug 312014
Clean laundry spots and stains

Do you have any stubborn spots or stains in your laundry pieces that you don’t know how to treat? The next time you’re faced with this dilemma, consider the following tips and tricks for treating any type of stain and restoring your clothing piece to their like-new condition. Whether you Keep reading this post…

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Aug 292014
Watermelon pineapple drink {only 3 ingredients}

Even though Summer is winding down, you can still enjoy and savor refreshing Summer-y drinks like this delightful Watermelon Pineapple Drink! With only three ingredients, this perfect Summer drink takes only a minute or so to make. It’s a fairly sweet drink that is sure to please the tastebuds of little Keep reading this post…

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Aug 282014
Cleaning schedules: daily and weekly

Are you looking for a way to keep track of what to clean and when to clean it? I’m an engineer by training and I like to plan and organize. One thing that I like to write out and keep track of is cleaning schedules. My daily cleaning schedule and Keep reading this post…

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Aug 262014
Clean your countertops naturally

Kitchen countertops: a workhorse of the kitchen. They sure do take a beating every day and if not cleaned properly on a regular basis, they will show wear & tear. To keep your countertops looking their best, make sure you clean them using an appropriate cleaner (at least) once a Keep reading this post…

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Aug 252014
DIY fall wreath ideas

I love fall décor- fall wreaths, fall tablescapes, fall printables, fall signs, and more. Is there a better way to bring the spirit of Autumn to your front porch than with a fall wreath? You know me and DIY projects – if I can DIY it, I will. I love Keep reading this post…

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Aug 242014
DIY easy fall decor projects

Fall is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for ways to bring the spirit of the Fall season into your home with DIY décor projects, then look no further. I’ve gathered four of the chicest and easiest fall décor projects to share with you all today. The best Keep reading this post…

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Aug 232014
Best casserole recipes

If you’re uninspired by traditional casserole dishes, then feast your eyes on these delicious & flavorful casseroles. These are not your mama’s casseroles! Bursting with savory, complex flavors, these casseroles are a breeze to make! Best casserole recipes Featuring two classic favorites, pizza and spaghetti, this pizzetti casserole is a Keep reading this post…

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Aug 222014
Naturally Remove Stains

Have a stubborn stain to remove from a favorite article of clothing? Here are a few ways to naturally try to remove the stain. If the first attempt doesn’t work to successfully lift the stain, try the second attempt, and so on. The best part about using these natural techniques Keep reading this post…

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