10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Ideas for Kids

April 1, 2022 10 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Elmo BriteBrush. All opinions are mine alone.

With Easter right around the corner, do you still need to assemble a few more Easter Baskets for the little ones in your life? Today I’m going to share a bunch of non-candy ideas for your Easter Baskets! From an interactive toothbrush to creative craft kits, it’s totally possible to build an exciting, fun-filled, candy-free Easter Basket that’s sure to delight the little ones.


1. An Interactive Toothbrush

As a mom, the dental hygiene of my daughters has always been a top priority for me and the right products make the whole toothbrushing process so much easier for all of us. Available at Target & Kroger, the Elmo BriteBrush is the perfect addition to Easter Baskets this year. 

This toothbrush features interactive game play, complete with music & sounds, to encourage kids to brush along to the Brushy Brush song, Tricycle Adventure game and more. The smart sensors help to guide kids toward proper brushing technique. Thanks to audio coaching, kids are taught how to achieve better mouth coverage in such a fun, engaging way. Plus, there’s even a Share Score at the end, which lets parents  – and kids – know how well they did. 

Instead of more candy this Easter, fill up the kids’ baskets with something that’ll actually improve tooth & gum health. Accepted by the American Dental Association, the BriteBrush provides sonic vibration for cleaner teeth than ever. It’s actually fun to brush now! Look for Elmo BriteBrush at Target and Kroger stores near you. 

2. Storybooks

Developing a love for reading in our kids was so important to both me and my husband. Fortunately, our kids absolutely love books and we always include a few books in their baskets.

3. Lip Balm

Who doesn’t love a scented lip balm? This is always a fun addition to the kids’ Easter Baskets.

4. Squishy Toys

These super trendy toys are not only popular among kids of all ages, they’re actually a great sensory toy. Playing with them is actually a fun way to de-stress!

5. Craft Kits

My girls love getting creative and smaller craft kits are an easy choice for their Easter Baskets. I love kits that help them create art (rock painting, watercolor painting, etc.) or make something practical (pencil holder, jewelry stand, etc.)

6. Jewelry

A cute bracelet or adorable necklace always makes for a fun addition. It’s even better when the jewelry contains charms of their favorite characters!

7. Sidewalk Chalk

With the warmer weather upon us, sidewalk chalk serves as both a fun gift and summertime activity.

8. Stickers

As someone who collected stickers as a kid, I love that my daughters also enjoy stickers. I always include a sticker book or two for them.

9. Bath Bombs

Bath time is always more fun when there are pretty colors and fragrant scents involved. 

10. Puzzles

Solving a jigsaw puzzle is entertaining and also educational. Even better when the finished puzzle includes the child’s favorite foods or favorite characters!

Don’t forget to pick up the Elmo BriteBrush from Target or Kroger for your child’s Easter Basket this year. Which non-candy items do you like to include in your kids’ baskets?



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