About Jennifer

Jennifer is a wife, mom of two, chemical engineer and owner of Engineer Mommy. She spent years in the chemical engineering industry, during which time she earned a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering and worked as a process engineer for an international engineering design firm. Along the way, she earned multiple prestigious fellowships to fund her research in micro-emulsion technology at the graduate level. Eventually, when she got pregnant with her first child, Jennifer decided to pivot toward more flexible and independent ventures.

Engineer Mommy started simply as an online journal, where Jennifer would share DIY home decor ideas, parenting tips, delicious recipes, lifestyle hacks, beauty products and more. Over time, it has grown into a veritable brand of its own with a loyal following across multiple social media channels. 

Currently, Engineer Mommy is dedicated to creating realistic, engaging lifestyle content that helps people live better, happier and more purpose-filled lives. Instead of designing chemical plants, Jennifer now designs & runs an efficient, functional household! You could say she went from chemical engineer to domestic engineer! Jennifer lives in the NYC metropolitan area with her husband, two daughters and new puppy.