Mesmerize & Monetize:

Exploring Blogging, Branding and the Art of the Sponsored Post

Sharing my step-by-step experience with launching a profitable blog & securing brand partnerships!

  • 💡 68 pages
  • 💡 12 Chapters
  • 💡 Includes tips, guidance and resources.

Just actionable advice from an actual content creator who has earned a full-time living working in this industry for over 10 years.


In this eBook, you’ll discover:

  • ✔️ How to identify your ideal blogging niche based on your passion & expertise
  • ✔️ How to develop an authentic, engaging content strategy that naturally attracts brands
  • ✔️ How to effectively utilize social media to promote your blog and organically capture fans
  • ✔️ How to strategically reach out to brands to propose a mutually-beneficial partnership
  • ✔️ How to pursue multiple streams of income from your blogging efforts to maximize profit
  • ✔️ How to determine a pricing structure for your blog and negotiate effectively with brands
  • ✔️ And much more

Here’s a preview of the Table of Contents from Mesmerize & Monetize. There are 12 chapters and around 68 pages so this covers roughly the first half of the book:

Inside the eBook, here are just a few strategies you will uncover:

  • 📌 “Your experiences, passions and even those little quirks you thought were irrelevant – they’re the secret sauce that makes your brand truly yours.” (Page 11)
  • 📌 “Links are one way that Google determines the authority of a website. Internal links (linking to your own blog posts) and external links (linking to reputable sources) are both important.” (Page 16)
  • 📌 “Share ideas about how your collaboration could benefit both sides – whether it’s driving sales, increasing brand awareness, or creating buzz-worthy content using viral sounds.” (Page 23)
  • 📌 In your contract, “Break down terms like compensation, rights to content and exclusivity and specify them all in your contract. Make sure they align with your values and goals.” (Page 32)
  • 📌 “Disclosing sponsored content and adhering to ethical standards isn’t merely an ethical obligation; it’s also a legal requirement.” (Page 39)
  • 📌 “Systems and processes are the gears that keep your operation well-oiled. Document workflows, create standard operating procedures and implement tools that streamline tasks.” (Page 43)
  • 📌 “Navigating the maze of writer’s block requires both patience and persistence. Embrace the art of stepping away; sometimes, a momentary detachment from your work can offer fresh perspectives. Engage in activities that stimulate your senses: a leisurely walk, a captivating book, or even a heart-to-heart conversation.” (Page 45)
  • 📌 “Consider participating in creative retreats or workshops that offer immersive experiences to reconnect with your creativity, gain fresh inspiration and recharge your creative energies.” (Page 50)

Mesmerize & Monetize is packed with actionable tips, resource lists and sample documents that will help you in your blogging journey, including:

  • 📝 Sample Brand Collaboration Contract (to outline typical deliverables, timelines, usage, etc.)
  • 📝 Sample Blog Media Kit (to present to brands)
  • 📝 Sample Content Strategy Plan (to identify your blogging goals)
  • 📝 List of Photo Editing Software (to clean up photos & create compelling graphics)
  • 📝 List of Tools to Find Trending Keywords (to strategize your social media efforts)
  • 📝 List of Popular Email Management Providers (to efficiently reach out to subscribers)
  • 📝 List of Networks That Connect Blogs & Brands (to find sponsored posts)
  • 📝 List of WordPress Plugins (to streamline your content creation process)
  • 📝 How to Choose the Best Domain Name for your Blog
  • 📝 How to Choose the Right Camera Based on your Blog Niche, Budget and Goals

Who should read this book? Who is this book designed for?

  • 👉 You are first starting a blog and not sure where exactly to start.
  • 👉 You have been running a blog for a few years but not seeing the brand collaborations you’re looking for.
  • 👉 You currently work with brands occasionally but are interested in scaling your business.
  • 👉 You want to diversify the income streams from your blogging business.

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