DIY Vertical Cheese Board

March 31, 2022 15 By EngineerMommy

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There’s something uniquely special about cheese boards – they truly elevate any occasion like nothing else. However, I’m always looking for fun, easy ways to put a twist on things, so I came up with this idea to build a vertical cheese board! It’s simply constructed from some basic wooden pieces and it serves as the perfect spot to display some of the gourmet cheeses I received from Perfect for my next family gathering!

What is It’s the premier destination to order high-quality European specialty cheeses and French butters and have them delivered to your home at affordable prices. With 22 products to choose from (19 of them are imported directly from Europe), you can build a custom selection of cheeses that are generally not available in US retailers. There are two pricing tiers: 5 products for $40 or 8 products for $55. When I placed my order on, I was impressed with how easy it was to navigate the website. It was quite user-friendly and it only took me a few minutes to fill my basket with 8 fun, interesting cheese options. The shipment arrived at my doorstep just a few days later. By the way, products are shipped within 24 hours on business days (Thursday at 11am is considered the deadline to place an order and receive it that week.)

Ready to see how I made the vertical cheese board? First, I started with a long piece of wood (about 48″x8″.)  I had this piece of wood on hand already, but if you’d like to recreate this project, you can have wood cut to any size at your local home improvement store.

Next I used a paint brush to apply chalkboard paint to one side of my board. 

I gathered some smaller pieces of wood (in various random sizes), as well as several wooden blocks. These will become the shelves of our Vertical Cheese Board. You can find craft wood like this at your local hobby supply store. 

To provide a stable base for our shelves, I created little shelf supports using several wooden blocks stacked together and adhered with high-strength construction adhesive.

I used the same adhesive to attach the shelves to the long wooden board and used a chalk marker to label the different sections. I am in love with the way it all came together!

This is such a fun, festive way to serve all these premium cheeses and gourmet dairy products from 

I love how the little labels identify the cheeses. Since the names are written with chalk marker, I can re-use this board many times in the future with different cheeses.

The vertical board can be placed on a table and simply propped up against the wall.

Alternatively, it can be hung directly on the wall using a wall hanging kit rated for ~15 lbs.

My product selection at includes the following brands: President, Galbani, Black Diamond, Roquefort, Loup Perac, etc. If you need butter for a recipe, offers three different varieties from France: unsalted, salted and sea salt (this one is super popular!) The three domestic cheese offered include double creme brie, triple creme brie and camembert. Truly a wonderful selection to build a diverse cheese board for any occasion!

When I shop at my local supermarket, finding the perfect cheeses is not always easy. Sometimes they’re out of stock. Sometimes there isn’t enough variety. Sometimes the prices are too high. With, I can get all the cheeses I need conveniently & affordably from the comfort of home. 

With spring & summer upon us and plenty of warm weather gatherings on the agenda, check out to build your own beautiful cheese board. Skip the long flight and savor the indulgent taste of European cheeses from home!

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