About Me

Hi there! I’m Jennifer, a busy mom of two rambunctious girls who left behind a successful career in chemical engineering to pursue my passion of entrepreneurship. Engineer Mommy is my corner of the web, where I like to share easy crafts, home decor projects, delicious recipes, kid’s activities, household tips, life hacks and more!

I’m a gal with two degrees in chemical engineering, but I decided to stay home when my kids were born. Instead of designing chemical plants, I now design & run an efficient, functional household! I guess you could say I went from chemical engineer to domestic engineer! ūüôā

My loving husband was my high school sweetheart! I was the valedictorian and he was the salutatorian of our senior class. He is the most selfless, supportive partner I could ever ask for! We have two beautiful girls together, Sophia & Charlotte. They bring us so much joy & laughter every single day!

I have always had a passion for entrepreneurship.

  • Back in graduate school, I bought a stock. After watching it climb steadily for months, I sold it for a sizable profit. To this day, I continue to trade stocks every week. I have even developed a passion for money management. I currently use a combination of fundamental & technical indicators to guide my trading decisions.
  • Tutoring the subjects of math & science is another passion of mine. Years ago, I created an online tutoring platform that enabled me to reach students across the country and even across the world. Eventually, I sold that business so I could focus more attention on this blog.


This blog first started out as just a fun hobby. Over the years, it has grown into so much more. I am super thankful for my loyal readers, who have stuck around since the first year. I really do enjoy sharing my projects, recipes and hacks with you!

I definitely love treats (like french fries and ice cream), but I try to balance that with eating plenty of nutritious meals- you know, the ones with lean fish and tons of veggies! Oh, and I try to hit the gym at least 3-4 days a week. It’s all about balance, people!

I’m an avid DIYer with a passion for transforming something basic & boring into something fabulous & chic. I’m also a devoted mommy trying to make my girls smile with a wide-eyed fascination for everyday life. I hope you join me as I share some of my daily adventures here!