DIY Leaf-Shaped Jewelry Dish

April 4, 2022 14 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for InstaMorph. All opinions are mine alone.

I have always enjoyed simple DIY projects that transform a few basic supplies into something extraordinary. Today I’m using InstaMorph to make a little leaf-shaped jewelry dish. What is InstaMorph? It’s simply a lightweight thermoplastic that acts like clay when warm and like a strong plastic when cool. This was such an easy (and fun!) project that took less than 30 minutes and I’m absolutely obsessed with the final result!

Preparing InstaMorph for this project was super simple. The product comes as little pellets that need to be melted so I first heated up some water to ~150  degrees Fahrenheit. Then I poured the InstaMorph pellets into the hot water.

After letting the pellets sit for ~2 minutes, I noticed that the pellets have mostly melted into one solid mass.

I took the melted mass out of the container and started to knead it a bit with my hands. 

I flattened it into the shape of a leaf and curled up the sides a bit. This is clearly not an exact science; it’s all about getting creative and having fun with the process. I love that InstaMorph can be molded with hands, tools or shaped around an item to form a mold. 

Once cooled, InstaMorph becomes a very rigid plastic. In fact, it can be carved, sanded, painted or attached to other materials. After my little jewelry dish was fully cooled, I used some Aqua Blue spray paint to add some color to the jewelry dish. I did two coats on top & bottom.

Finally I used some paint pens to add a little pizzazz. I used a white paint pen to draw on some lines to reinforce the leaf design. I used a gold paint pen along the edge of the dish to add a little extra visual interest.

I am so thrilled with the final result! 

This is such a chic addition to any bedside table, bathroom countertop or dresser top. Perfect spot to store & display some special jewelry pieces! You could even use this dish to hold bobby pins, makeup, etc.

Are you looking for the perfect material to make something fun & unique for your home? Check out InstaMorph. Keep in mind that each ounce of product will create approximately a 1″ cube of moldable plastic.

By the way, InstaMorph is a very forgiving material. If you make a mistake, just reheat it and it can be remolded again & again! Love that! 

Learn more about InstaMorph here and see just how easy it is to make something impressive with this versatile, easy-to-use material. What would you like to make with InstaMorph?

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