Automating our Blinds: An Overview of Our Experience

October 19, 2021 19 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Somfy. All opinions are mine alone.

Smart home gadgets nowadays are revolutionizing the way we live, work and play in our homes. From lighting to speakers and so much more, smart home technology is automating and simplifying our everyday lives in significant ways. Today I’m excited to share with you our newest home upgrade: Somfy’s Clever™ Tilt Blind Motorization Kit. We installed this user-friendly system on two windows last week and it has been such a wonderful addition to our home.

The Somfy Clever Kit is a user-friendly, do-it-yourself upgrade that works with one’s existing blinds. Once installed, the system makes it possible to tilt the blinds using a remote control. Another awesome feature is the ability to set a favorite position for the blinds, which can be activated with the push of a single button. There are so many reasons why we’ve been enjoying this system from Somfy.

Benefits of the Clever Tilt Blind Motorization System

The motorized window kit is a sleek, modern system that helps to maintain privacy, improve security, and boost energy efficiency of the home. Being able to control the amount of natural light is easy and convenient with this Clever Kit.

Did you know that sunlight can help you wake up in the morning and help you establish healthier circadian rhythms? Well I’ve gotten into the habit of using my Clever remote control to immediately open the blinds – from my bed – when my alarm clock rings in the morning. It has been helpful in encouraging me to wake up and start the day on the right foot with some sunlight.

During the warmer months, having too much sunlight entering the house can cause your home to get too warm, resulting in higher cooling bills. This blind motorization kit makes it possible to keep the house comfortable without cranking up the AC. Energy efficiency for the win!

Screen glare is one of those things that can absolutely ruin a movie. With the push of a single button on the remote, I can instantly close the blinds to control the amount of sunlight coming into our space.

Installation is quite simple and can be completed in under 20 minutes. You don’t even need to upgrade your existing blinds. Just grab a few simple tools and follow the step-by-step video tutorial.

If you have windows that are too high up, this kit is a must-have. Stop dangerously climbing on furniture just to adjust the blinds. You can enjoy convenient control of your blinds from anywhere in the room with this Clever Kit.

If your home is outfitted with an Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device, you can pair the Clever with a Somfy TaHoma® device for whole house automation. With this setup in place, it’s then possible to use your voice to control the blinds: “Alexa, close the blinds!” Furthermore, thanks to TaHoma’s Schedule function, it becomes possible to create daily schedules that make sense for your life. For example, you can set your blinds to automatically open in the morning when you need to wake up (hello, sunshine!) and automatically close in the evening when it’s time to wind down for bed. If you have one of the popular smart home systems like SmartThings, Brilliant, etc., you can connect your smart blinds to other smart home gadgets, such as smart lighting. This means you can set up an evening routine, wherein every night at a specific time, certain events will happen automatically: your blinds can close for privacy, your porch light can turn on for security, and more. Talk about a smart home!

Compatibility of the Clever

This Clever Kit from Somfy is compatible with a wide range of blinds styles. In general, compatible blinds will have metal head rails that are 2-2.5″ in depth, are made of wood / composite material / imitation wood, and include a cord to raise and lower blinds. For full compatibility details, check out this page.

Installation of the Clever Tilt Blind Motorization System

The Clever Kit comes with all the necessary adaptors to motorize your existing blinds. In addition to the Clever Tilt Blind Motor, you will also receive head rail adapters (3 sets to choose from), tilt rod adapters (8 to choose from,) and an instruction manual. When it comes to the battery pack, you have two choices: one that accepts AA batteries and one that can be recharged. You will also need a remote and there are quite a few different styles to choose from on the Somfy site based on your preferences and budget.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the detailed instructions and step by step video tutorial. Here are the basic steps of the installation process:

  1. Remove the blinds from the wall by opening the brackets on the side and sliding out the head rail. Then tap off the end caps.
  2. Select a pair of head rail adaptors and a tilt rod adaptor that best fits your system.
  3. Pry away the tilt mechanism and remove it along with the tilt cord.
  4. Attach the selected head rail adaptors and tilt rod adaptor to the motor.
  5. Install the motor into the head rail and slide the tilt rod into the tilt rod adaptor.
  6. Secure the battery pack to the window frame & rehang the blinds by sliding them back into the open brackets.
  7. Program the remote and set a favorite position.

I wasn’t sure how time-consuming the installation would be, but I was so pleasantly surprised. From beginning to end, it took less than 30 minutes to set up. I’m currently debating which other blinds in my home I’d like to motorize next. It has been a wonderful experience! 

The brand behind the Clever, Somfy has spent the last 50 years developing products that make life easier for millions of people around the world. Creating a space that is more comfortable, safer and smarter is part of the company’s mission. To keep up with the latest news and offers from Somfy, check them out on social media: FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Don’t forget to check out the Somfy Clever Kit for your own homes. Do you currently have any smart home gadgets? In which room of your house would you like to have the blinds motorized?

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