Learning Python:

October 6, 2021 0 By EngineerMommy

I’ve recently become obsessed with learning Python. What is Python? It’s a programming language with a lot of different applications. Back in college, I took a programming course; taking some sort of computer science course was a prerequisite for an engineering degree. In the course I took, I learned the C programming language. I even remember the program I created for that course; it was a physics simulation of a ball moving through the air.

So why am I learning Python? I guess I enjoy the process of learning something new. I also think there are so many cool applications for the language that I put to use in my everyday life.. ways to automate the everyday things and save myself time & energy. For more info on all cool things you can do with Python, check this out.

In just about a month of trying to learn it, I already learned so much and created a few programs myself already. I’m thinking of creating a Github account to keep track of my projects over time. Here’s what I created so far:

  • tic tac toe game: this one was easier than I thought it would be, but it was still a bit of a challenge.
  • web scraper: i created a program that would scrape a website for the local weather conditions, and based on the keywords for today’s weather, the program would automatically change my laptop desktop wallpaper to reflect the weather for the day.
  • email to picture frame: i have a digital picture frame that allows you to upload pictures to the frame by emailing your photos to a specific email address. so i created a program that would take a picture (using specific keywords) from unsplash.com and upload them to my picture frame. so i always have new (gorgeous!) pictures to look at.
  • a physics simulation engine: this one is a remake of my college project, but this one is coded in Python of course. the program takes into account the initial velocity, launch angle and starting height.. and then outputs the flight time, maximum height reached, and horizontal range reached. it also displays a graphical image of the ball trajectory.

I’m having so much fun learning Python. Some days, it feels like I’m eating, breathing and sleeping Python.. but I do tend to go all in on stuff I’m excited about. What about you? Are you interested in learning something new before the year is over?

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