DIY Rustic Holiday Card Holder with New Jersey Lottery Holiday Games

December 1, 2021 10 By EngineerMommy

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The holiday season is in full swing around here. We put up the Christmas tree a few weeks ago and we are definitely gearing up for all the holiday celebrations. One thing that we always have an abundance of each year is holiday cards from friends & family, but I never know how to display them. This year, I’m making a fun, festive Holiday Card Holder that’ll also serve as the perfect spot to display some New Jersey Lottery Holiday Games. I love playing NJ Lottery Scratch-Offs during the holidays; they’re such an easy, exciting way to celebrate the season!

This year, the NJ Lottery is offering four fun Holiday Scratch-Off Games, including $1, $2, $5 Happy Holidays, and $10 $1,00,000 Spectacular. I love that these Holiday Games are the perfect holiday gesture, stocking stuffer, party favor or easy gift for any adult in your life. They are the perfect combination of opening a surprise gift, the exhilaration of playing a game, and the anticipation of a potential cash prize!

Making this rustic holiday card holder, featuring NJ Lottery Holiday Tickets, is so quick and easy. It’s actually super easy to get creative and use the Lottery Tickets to design little gifts, customized wrapping paper, holiday centerpieces and more. Check out some of the previous projects I’ve made featuring the NJ Lottery Holiday Games: DIY Holiday Village with NJ Lottery Games and DIY Christmas Tree with NJ Lottery Holiday Games.

Now let’s get started with making this DIY Holiday Card Holder!

Gather the supplies you’ll need for this project:

  • a branch from the yard (I love the rustic, organic look of a fallen branch from the yard)
  • NJ Lottery Holiday Tickets (these were provided to me for this article, but you may find them at any brick and mortar lottery retailer, such as 7-Eleven, QuickCheck, Wawa, etc.)
  • small ornaments
  • nautical rope
  • holiday themed garland (mine had these adorable red berries attached, but any basic green garland will suffice)
  • string lights
  • hot glue & glue gun
  • adhesive wall hook

My branch was quite long originally, but I cut it to fit the space on the wall. Next I wrapped the garland around the branch, letting any excess garland hang downward along the sides.

I then wrapped the string lights around the branch, using a dot of hot glue here and there, as necessary to secure the lights in place.

Cut the nautical rope into a few strips about 18-24″ long each. I secured the rope to the back of the branch with some hot glue for a seamless look. I will be hanging only light items on the rope so some hot glue should be adequate. If you’re planning to hang heavier ornaments on the rope, you may want to wrap the rope around the branch and tie a knot.

Finally, it’s time for the step where the whole piece comes together! Using hot glue, attach some of your holiday cards and little ornaments to the rope. Attach the NJ Lottery Holiday Tickets to the rope using a small strip of double-sided tape.

Hang it up on the wall using the adhesive wall hook and enjoy this fun, festive holiday display. It’s the perfect spot to show off all your holiday cards, as well as display some NJ Lottery Holiday Tickets. You can display this piece throughout the season, adding new holiday cards to it as they get delivered. Then you can hand out a few NJ Lottery Scratch-Off Games to guests during holiday celebrations. These NJ Lottery Gifts are an easy party favor and stocking stuffer solution.

I’m absolutely in love with the rustic look of this project – I think the fallen branch adds the perfect rustic touch to this piece. The whole thing fits in perfectly with my Christmas home decor scheme. Plus, the bright colors on the Holiday Scratch-Offs add such a fun pizzazz too!

By the way, if your Scratch-Off tickets are not winners, Million Dollar Replay allows you to enter them into second chance drawings. You could be selected as 1 of 400 who win a $250 prize or 1 of 15 who win a prize between $10,000 – $1,000,000. How exciting is that!

I hope this post has inspired you to get creative with the New Jersey Lottery Holiday Scratch-Offs. Pick up some NJ Lottery Holiday Games at any brick and mortar lottery retailer, such as 7-Eleven, QuickChek, Wawa, etc. Would you like to display a Holiday Card Holder like this one in your home? What would you create with these lottery tickets?

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