The Importance of Gut Health

December 8, 2021 11 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for BioGaia. All opinions are mine alone. #BioGaiaUSA @BioGaiaUSA

I’ve been committed to a healthy lifestyle for years. I try to work out several times per week, practice yoga & meditation daily, make smart food choices and manage my stress. Part of my wellness routine also includes the right supplements and when it comes to supplements, a high-quality probiotic is absolutely key. I recently discovered BioGaia and I’ve been so impressed with this research-backed line of probiotics that is designed to boost overall wellness.*

The two probiotics I received are the BioGaia Gastrus Chewable Adult Tablets and the BioGaia Protectis Immune Active Probiotic Capsules. BioGaia is a Swedish company that has been delivering high-quality probiotics to customers in over 100 countries around the world for over 30 years. Many of BioGaia probiotics feature L. reuteri, which is one of the most well-studied probiotic strains to date with a total of 224 clinical studies involving 18,000 people.

As someone who struggles with swallowing whole pills, I love that BioGaia offers a chewable adult probiotic tablet. BioGaia Gastrus is one of the most recent products from the company that contains dual L. reuteri probiotic strains that help to promote good overall health, supporting positive gut-brain communication and reducing the most common GI symptoms, such as gas and bloating.* This product specifically contains L. reuteri ATCC PTA 6475, which is a powerful probiotic strain that supports multiple body systems, including the immune, endocrine, nervous, and skeletal systems.* Free of GMO ingredients, artificial colors, flavors, and soy, this is a probiotic I feel good about. It comes in one easy-to-chew tablet per day. 

The second product I tried from BioGaia is the Protectis Immune Active Probiotic. This supplement combines both a probiotic and vitamin D to promote immune and digestive health.* I have been deficient in vitamin D many times in the past, so I include a vitamin D supplement as part of my daily regiment. I love that this Protectis product contains a vitamin D supplement and probiotic all in one – so convenient! Furthermore, this proprietary probiotic formulation helps to fortify the immune system and promotes a well-functioning digestive system.* Each vegan capsule is free of artificial colors, flavors, dairy or soy.

If you’re interested in adding a highly-studied, research-backed probiotic to your daily routine, be sure to check out BioGaia. Backed by over 200 clinical trials and featuring the very popular L. reuteri strains, these probiotics are clinically proven, safe & effective*. To keep up with the brand’s latest news & offers, be sure to check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Don’t forget to learn more about BioGaia and their vast line of effective probiotics.* Do you take a daily probiotic? What do you look for when adding a new supplement to your routine? 

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