Personalized no-sew, nursery crib skirt project DIY

January 16, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

I recently made a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics and bought a couple yards of pretty pink and yellow fabric perfect for Little Miss’ Nursery. And I’ve always wanted to update the crib skirt in her room. And my method avoids any sewing at all.

With the extra fabric, I could update her changing pad cover, too! Perfect.

Here is how I updated her nursery crib skirt.

  1. I took the dimensional measurements of the front and sides of the existing crib skirt:
    • Front piece: 52″ x 16″
    • Side piece (2 pieces): 27″ x 16″
  2. I cut out three rectangles of fabric according to the measurements above, leaving about 1/2″ for hem allowance. I used the iron-on hem tape to make the hems on the bottom and sides of each of the three rectangles.
  3. I applied one end of heavy-duty velcro the tops of each of the rectangles.
  4. I applied the other end of velcro the mattress base of the crib.
  5. Then, I simply drape the fabric panels around the bare (no mattress) crib and press the velcro ends together to secure the hold.
  6. Replace the mattress and admire your work!

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