Easy DIY Modern Spring Wreaths

March 17, 2021 1 By EngineerMommy

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I’m absolutely in love with these little wreaths I created the other day. They are so darling and so dainty and so feminine. The sweet-colored florals give these wreaths such a spring vibe and you won’t believe just how easy it was to put these together.

To start, I used these super simple golden hoops. I’m pretty sure I got these from Walmart years ago (and just never got around to using them,) but I did see that you can get very similar ones from Amazon here. I also started with a wide selection of artificial floral stems. You could of course use real flowers, but just realize that the wreath will probably look a bit disheveled over time.

The process of creating these wreaths really couldn’t be any simpler. It was simply a matter of trial & error, attaching various flowers to the hoop in the order & arrangement that looked best. I usually started with a base of greens.

Then I added the flowers. It was a little difficult getting the greens to adhere to the hoop because there is so little surface area on the hoop to attach to the greens, but the flowers were attached to the greens so that was a breeze. I used hot glue to secure everything together, but another good option would be floral tape

*Note: If the flower leaned too much forward, then I simply added a bit of hot glue behind it and held it in a better position until the glue dried. 

Since I had a bunch of these golden hoops, I decided to make a few more.

I really love the way these came together. I made four in total.

I even had this little wreath made of boxwood from Target, so I just added a big ol’ flower to that one to brighten it up a bit for spring. I’m hanging my favorite one on the sliding door that leads to my office; it literally warms my heart when I see it. 

If you’re a fan of DIY Wreaths, check out these other spring-inspired wreath projects from the past! Happy Spring, friends!

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