5 More Ways I’m Using PINALEN Multi-Purpose Cleaner This Summer

June 9, 2021 19 By EngineerMommy

This post has been sponsored by PINALEN®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

You may remember I talked about my love for PINALEN® multipurpose cleaner a few weeks ago. Today I’m excited to share 5 more ways that I’m using PINALEN products to spruce up my home & patio for spring & summer. From the storm door to outdoor railings, find out what else this multi-tasking cleaning powerhouse can do.

By the way, did you know that in a recent survey, about 79% of U.S. customers said they prefer scented cleaning products? As summer draws near, making the house smell clean & fresh is top of mind for so many of us. Infusing the home with a fresh scent is easy with PINALEN products on hand. Here are five additional ways I’m using their products to create a clean, beautifully-smelling home.

1. Wipe down plastic outdoor furniture.

These plastic Adirondack chairs have seen better days and the harsh weather of a long winter did them no favors. To spruce them up a bit for spring & summer, I used PINALEN Max Power wipes. These to-go packs are super convenient and the wipes effectively cut through surface grease, leaving behind a clean, fresh aroma. The results speak for themselves – just take a look!

2. Remove grime from stair handrails.

Honestly, I have no idea how these stairway railings got so dirty but they are in need of a major refresh. To clean them up, I simply combined 1/4 cup of PINALEN Pine Fresh multipurpose cleaner in a gallon of water and then poured the mixture into a spray bottle. A microfiber cloth, paired with this multipurpose cleaner in a spray bottle, makes quick work of any accumulated dirt and grime thanks to the pine oil content. What’s more? This spray imparts a fabulous fresh pine scent to the surface.

3. Refresh storm doors.

Both sides of this storm door looked weathered. A little PINALEN Pine Fresh multipurpose cleaner diluted in some water in a spray bottle took care of it in no time. This formulation works so well on such a wide variety of surfaces.

4. Eliminate dirt from dishes.

Servingware for upcoming parties needs to be cleaned after sitting in storage for many months. Recently I’ve been really enjoying PINALEN Dishwashing Liquid in Cucumber Crush scent. It delivers sparkling clean dishes & glasses and each bottle goes a long way (up to 1200 clean dishes.)

5. Get those glass surfaces shining.

Got any glass surfaces in the yard? Making them shine is easy peasy with PINALEN Floral Delight. This formulation leaves behind a floral scent that lasts for 30+ hours, while combating dirt on glass surfaces.

Don’t forget to look for PINALEN products near you. How do you use their Multipurpose cleaner? What’s your best tip to spruce up the patio for summer?



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