5 Smart Tips for Personal Safety

July 19, 2021 26 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for PepperBall. All opinions are mine alone.

As someone who was born & raised in NYC, I’ve learned a thing or two about personal safety over the years. Whether traveling across the country solo or simply walking to one’s car at night, staying safe and avoiding becoming a victim of crime should always be a top priority. Today I’m excited to share some practical, easy-to-implement tips for personal safety, featuring PepperBall products. 

1. Have a self-defense plan in place. I recently had the opportunity to check out the PepperBall MOBILE™ self-defense device, which is a portable, lightweight tool that shoots PAVA powder-filled projectiles. Upon impact, these projectiles spread a pepper cloud, which effectively incapacitates a potential threat from as far as 40 feet away. By the way, the built-in flashlight is super bright and I was quite impressed by how well it illuminated this dark parking garage.

Whereas other non-lethal self-defense tools require the target to be much closer, this PepperBall device lets you keep your distance while still effectively defending yourself from a threat. This extra distance offers you more time to evaluate the situation before engaging. Since the device is powered by compressed air, there is no recoil and it’s so easy to load and operate.

Equipped with a large trigger and lightweight design, this is a self-defense tool that I feel very comfortable operating. By the way, the laser point guide makes it easy to locate and hit your target. Plus, the safety switch adds an extra layer of reassurance that the device will not fire until you are ready to shoot at a threat. Knowing that I have this device on me is quite empowering and gives me so much peace of mind. 

It can fit in my handbag so I carry it there sometimes. Other times, I store it in my car’s glove compartment. 

The PepperBall MOBILE Kit comes with everything needed: 1 MOBILE Launcher, 6 LIVE SD PepperBall® Projectiles, 12 Inert Practice Projectiles, and 3 8g CO2 Cartridges. Thanks to the clear instruction manual, I was able to load the device within a few minutes. Learn more about PepperBall self-defense products here.

2, Stay alert. When walking alone, it’s essential to pay attention to your surroundings. Staying aware of who is around you at all times is the first step toward being secure. Definitely avoid text messaging and long phone calls when walking alone so as not to get distracted. 

3. Exude confidence while walking.  Walking confidently with a purpose, rather than walking aimlessly & distractedly, is key. For example, scan the area around you and make casual eye contact with others to display confidence. Also, make sure you’re always dressed in comfortable clothing and appropriate footwear that wouldn’t restrict your movement should you need to escape a dangerous confrontation.

4. Trust your gut. If something feels wrong, follow your instincts. Take action immediately and react to your intuition. If someone approaches you and/or you feel uncomfortable, immediately move to a more crowded location and seek help.

5. Use common sense. When possible, travel with a friend on populated streets. Traveling in groups of two or more significantly reduces your chances of becoming a victim of crime. Also, park your car in a well-lit area and lock it when you leave. Another useful tip is to always have your car keys in hand before you reach your car or door.

Don’t forget to learn more about PepperBall products and see how they can help you improve your personal safety. What are your best tips for staying safe? 

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