9 Simple Tips to Get Your Patio Ready for Summer

May 26, 2021 24 By EngineerMommy

This post has been sponsored by PINALEN®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As the weather warms up, spending time outdoors becomes a top priority for me and my family. We love everything about spring & summer: the heat of the shining sun, the scent of blooming flowers and the rejuvenation of a warm breeze. However, it has been many months since we spent time on the patio and the harsh winter weather took a toll on practically everything out there. Luckily, sprucing up the patio for spring & summer can easily be done in one afternoon and today I’ll be sharing 9 tips to get it done efficiently, featuring PINALEN® products.

Before we can enjoy some fun in the sun on the patio, stocking up on some PINALEN cleaners, sprays and wipes is a smart move. In fact, PINALEN offers a nice variety of multi-tasking products to make quick work of all your cleaning jobs around the house and in the yard. You can find PINALEN products using this store locator: https://PINALEN.com/store-locator/

1. Clean the patio floor.

We have brick pavers on our patio floor and the winter weather has not been kind to them. A good cleaning is definitely in order at the beginning of the season. I simply mix 1/4 cup of PINALEN Pine Fresh multipurpose cleaner in a gallon of water. Then I use a heavy-duty scrub brush to scrub the pavers. This multipurpose cleaner is so effective at fighting dirt and cutting through grease. Plus, thanks to the power of pine, the spray leaves behind a wonderfully fresh pine scent.

2. Clean up the grill.

One of the most iconic activities of spring & summer is outdoor grilling, but the grill needs a little refresh after a long winter. The grates can be cleaned by simply rolling up a ball of aluminum foil and scraping off any accumulated ash & burnt food. For the exterior of the unit, I like using a spray that consists of PINALEN Pine Fresh multipurpose cleaner diluted in some water. This spray effectively removes stains from so many surfaces.

3. Breathe some life into the patio with foliage.

Is there anything more inviting than an outdoor space filled with beautiful plants and colorful flowers? I like to use a combination of potted plants and in-ground plants for variation & visual interest. This beautiful flowering shrub is right next to our patio furniture and the colorful blooms always bring a smile to my face. 

4. Give all dishes a thorough cleaning. 

Before any summer parties can commence, all dishware needs to be thoroughly cleaned. I’ve been enjoying PINALEN Dishwashing Liquid in Cucumber Crush scent, as it’s super effective on grease yet gentle on skin. Plus, each bottle goes a long way, delivering up to 1200 clean dishes. 

5. Wipe down outdoor play structures.

This outdoor swing set always looks grimy after a long winter. To tackle the surfaces on this play set, I like to use PINALEN Max Power wipes. The convenience of these to-go packs simply cannot be beat. The wipes leave a fabulous aroma behind and all it takes is one simple swipe to cut through months of accumulated dirt. 

6. Tackle grime on glass surfaces.

A lot of outdoor furniture has glass tabletops. Getting them clean & shiny is easy with PINALEN Floral Delight, which is part of the PINALEN Max Aromas line. I love that this cleaner can eliminate grease and deodorize surfaces. It’s also very long-lasting (up to 30 hours.) By the way, PINALEN also offers a Glass & Surface cleaner with the same amazing cleaning power.

7. Add a rug to outdoor spaces.

It’s amazing what a simple rug can do for an outdoor area. It can really ground the space and make it feel much more defined for a specific purpose. We added this blue & white rug to our outdoor living room and it really livens up the space.

8. Don’t forget the decor.

Decor can really spruce up any outdoor space, making it feel much more inviting. Outdoor pillows are an easy way to add a pop of color to any patio. Another staple of outdoor decor items, a lantern is an easy way to add some visual interest to a tabletop. Another idea is simply putting some flowers (real or artificial) inside an old watering can.

9. A water feature always makes a statement.

We picked up a simple solar-powered fountain online and put it in this bird bath, which we’ve had in the yard for years. Now whenever I’m on the patio, I can hear the trickle of water from the fountain. Talk about relaxing in the yard!

Don’t forget to learn more about how PINALEN can help you prep your backyard for spring & summer at https://PINALEN.com. What is your best tip to spruce up the yard?


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