5 Tips to Stay Safe During the Transition Back to Work and School

May 17, 2021 13 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for SONO Healthcare. All opinions are mine alone.

The kids are back in school full-time and my husband is heading back to the office again. It seems like life is finally returning back to normal in so many ways. However, things are not exactly 100% back to the way they once were. As the health experts continue to recommend, we are still following some basic precautions to keep everyone safe as we transition back to school and work. For example, we are still wearing masks, disinfecting surfaces and sanitizing our hands often. Today I’m excited to share with you five tips we’ve been following to make the transition back to school & work a bit safer, featuring some of my favorite products from SONO Healthcare.

Did you know that SONO Healthcare has been serving the medical community for many years and has only recently become available to the everyday consumer? You can find some of their most popular products at Walmart.com, Amazon.com, Rite Aid and other major retailers across the country. The brand is currently selling a travel subscription kit to keep you safe on-the-go

How is my family making the transition back to school & work a bit safer? Here are five simple ways!

1. Disinfect surfaces around the home and office often. Disinfect items brought home from school and work.

Disinfecting surfaces is something many of us are probably very familiar with by now, but did you know that not all disinfecting wipes have been approved for use against COVID-19? The disinfecting wipes from SONO Healthcare have been approved  to be effective against COVID-19. Specifically, The American Chemistry Council’s (ACC) Center for Biocide Chemistries (CBC) has included SONO Disinfecting Wipes on a list of products that have been approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against COVID-19. I love that these wipes kill microorganisms in just four minutes (effective against MRSA, e.coli, campylobacter, HIV, salmonella, the flu virus, and over 40 more pathogens.) 

These wipes are suitable for hard, non-porous surfaces. Let the surface remain wet for 4+ minutes. Easy peasy! I like to disinfect the kid’s lunch boxes, books, and other items they bring home from school. 

Another everyday staple around here is the Disinfecting Spray from SONO Healthcare. This formulation is based on hydrogen peroxide, which is a safe, effective ingredient for disinfection. This multi-purpose spray is perfect for use on both hard and soft surfaces around the house: everything from backpacks to kitchen appliances. 

2. Encourage children to wear masks when interaction with others is possible.

As the kids head back to school full-time, a common concern voiced by parents is that children will resist all-day mask-wearing. An easy solution is to practice mask-wearing at home for a certain amount of time and then gradually increase that duration over time. Before the kids headed back to school, we had them wear masks around the house so they could get accustomed to them. I have explained to my children that wearing a mask in the classroom and on the school buses is non-negotiable nowadays.

3. Sanitize hands often throughout the day.

Our local school has made it a requirement that each child have a small bottle of hand sanitizer on them at all times. So I sent my kids to school with a few of these small travel-size bottles of Foaming Hand Sanitizer  from SONO Healthcare which is included in their subscription kit. This formulation, made with benzalkonium chloride, is awesome because it does not dry out the skin. It’s effective yet gentle! Plus, there is no overpowering scent with this hand sanitizer. The large hand sanitizer is perfect for use around the house, while the travel bottles are ideal for on-the-go use (kids’ backpacks, the car, my handbag, etc.). A study published in November of 2020 shows the efficacy of benzalkonium chloride against SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) which shows that alcohol based sanitizers are not your only option.

4. Keep the lines of communication open with your child. 

As stressful as the transition back to school / work may be for you, it can be equally overwhelming for little ones. Encourage them to discuss any concerns with you about attending school in-person again. Be sure to go over all the new precautions that are in place at the school, such as classrooms with lower capacity or eating lunch outdoors every day.

5. Create a back-to-school routine that promotes a healthy body and mind.

When children were attending school virtually, regular schedules might have fallen by the wayside. To ensure a smooth transition back to in-person instruction, create a simple everyday routine that promotes a healthy lifestyle for children. For example, maintain a set bedtime every night for kids, encourage outdoor play time each day, serve well-balanced meals / nutritious snacks and set reasonable limits on total screen time. 

Don’t forget to learn more about SONO Healthcare Disinfecting Wipes & Foaming Hand Sanitizer here and see how these products can help your family transition back to school and work. In addition, as memorial day weekend approaches, it is expected that travel will increase by 60%. So be sure to have your disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizers with you wherever you go. 

Are your kids going back to school? Are you headed back to the office? How are you continuing to stay safe during this unique time?

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