7 Smart Tips to Revitalize a Business Post-Quarantine

August 14, 2020 20 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for GoDaddy. All opinions are mine alone.

Practically every company on the planet has experienced the impacts of the coronavirus quarantine and for the vast majority of them, overall business has suffered. As an influencer and small business owner myself, I have noticed so many changes in the blogging industry over the last several months. Today I’m so excited to partner with GoDaddy to bring you 7 ways to revitalize your business post-quarantine. 

1. Assess the damage.

Do you know exactly how much your business has suffered as a result of the quarantine? Knowledge is power, so take some time today to compare your financial statements (either profit/loss sheets or cash flow sheets) from this year to those from last year. Determining exactly where you stand financially is key in order to best evaluate the impacts of the quarantine and to better prepare yourself for a strong comeback. Personally, I have noticed that my business has gone down in some ways but it has gone up in other ways. Keeping track of these changes is essential.

2. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs. 

Connecting with other entrepreneurs during COVID-19 has helped me in so many ways. Not only has it provided an ability to share tips & tricks with others, but it has given me a sense of community during such a challenging time. How exactly have I been able to do that? Well GoDaddy has established an online forum here for small business owners to connect with each other. 

I have talked about the #OpenWeStand community offered by GoDaddy before in this post. I totally appreciate that GoDaddy is keeping the economic health of small businesses a top priority during this challenging time. With plenty of inspiration and a wide variety of resources, including relevant articles & videos, this online community is full of useful information. In fact, I recently read an article on the OpenWeStand site that focuses on how to run a business with kids at home. As a mom & business owner, I found so many awesome tips in that one article that will certainly help me and my family. 

Did you know that I have personally been a GoDaddy customer since this website was launched? That’s why I was especially thrilled to discover that GoDaddy is helping entrepreneurs empower themselves during this challenging time. Cheers to companies that give back! 

Whether you run a blog or a small business, be sure to check out the #OpenWeStand movement for tips & tricks on navigating these uncertain waters. Also, join the LinkedIn group here for even more inspiration & guidance.  

3. Develop a Time Line for Rebuilding.

Is your company ready to open its doors again? Or if your company is online-only, are you ready to resume operations like normal? Start to plan out your company comeback, creating a realistic timeline that you’ll be able to execute to completion. Depending on the nature of your business, start thinking about when you’ll re-hire employees, re-stock inventory and welcome customers back. Track your progress over time to keep yourself accountable. 

4. Announce your plans.

As you develop a timeline for re-opening your business, consider making a formal announcement to hype up the company rebirth, particularly if your business has been somewhat dormant over the past few months. Consider making the announcement on your website and social media channels. In addition to announcements on your website and social media channels, consider sending out an email to your most loyal fans. A well-design email marketing campaign is easy to set up and it can be very effective. Whenever I publish a new post on my blog, I announce it on my social media channels. 

5. Offer limited-time discounts.

Many folks have suffered financially as a result of COVID-19. If it’s possible for your business, consider offering limited-time discounts and promotions to incentivize people to come back to your brand. As a blogger, I myself have offered some discounts during COVID-19 to brands looking to advertise their products on my blog & social media channels. 

6. Listen to customer feedback.

Listening to your customers is key. Adjusting your operations based on changing demands is what separates a business that thrives from one that barely survives. For example, consider offering such services as delivery, livestreams, take-out, etc. that are sensitive to a customer’s fears & needs during this time. Pay attention to trends within your industry and find opportunities to solve your customers’ new problems. 

7. Plan for the next crisis.

While many of us want to believe another quarantine like this won’t happen again, it’s smart to plan for the worst case scenario. The reality is that an emergency can disrupt your small business at any time. Use what you’ve learned during the past few months to better prepare for the future. For example, building up cash reserves, paying down debt & encouraging employees to work remotely are all things that can help you better prepare for future storms.

Don’t forget to join the #OpenWeStand group here for more resources and inspiration during COVID-19. How has your business or blog been affected by COVID-19? 

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