The Coolest Alarm Clock: The Forte

August 17, 2020 24 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for The Forte Alarm Clock. All opinions are mine alone.

With my mom’s birthday coming up at the end of this month, I’ve been on the lookout for practical gifts for her – gifts that’ll serve a useful purpose over the long run. That’s why when I had a chance to check out the The Forte Alarm Clock, I jumped at the opportunity. This is the world’s loudest alarm clock and it was designed for the elderly; I know it’ll make the perfect gift for my mom! 

The set comes with the alarm clock, an adjustable stand, the power adapter, a pill organizer and the manual. 

My mom partakes in quite a few classes, including a Seated Yoga Class, that takes place in the mornings. However, she has slept through her morning alarm in the past, causing her to miss her favorite classes and some quality time with her friends. With The Forte alarm clock, that will never be a problem again, as this alarm features 5 volume levels all the way up to 100dB. This alarm clock is sure to wake up even the most sound sleeper! Plus, the 9-inch LCD screen is easy to read during the day or night. 

Furthermore, my mom takes quite a few medications throughout the day and it can sometimes be challenging for her to remember to take all of her doses, especially when her day is filled with appointments and other commitments. With this alarm clock, my mom can program it to remind her to take her medications on time every time. Ever set an alarm and then forget what it was for? Well the folks behind The Forte have thought of that too. There are ten essential reminder icons that you can use to remind yourself of something: a Medication Reminder, a Doctor’s Appointment Reminder, and more. 

Want to personalize the look of the alarm clock? Easy peasy!

You can choose from 10 languages, customizable timer settings, text color preferences and even the viewing angle. While most alarm clocks are fixed in position, The Forte allows for viewing at different angles thanks to the adjustable stand. From 90 degrees to nearly flat, position your alarm clock so it’s perfect for you.

To learn more about The Forte, check out this video here.

Don’t ever miss an alarm again! Let The Forte from Screaming Meanie wake you up!

The Forte is ideal for the elderly, heavy sleepers and individuals who are hard of hearing. Learn more about the world’s loudest alarm clock here. Could you use an alarm clock like this yourself? Know someone that could benefit from a loud alarm?

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