Geometric DIY Wall Art Ideas

April 18, 2015 1 By EngineerMommy

It’s getting excitingly close to that stage after moving in where I can start to think about the fun part of remodeling: decorating, styling and designing! I love dressing up shelves, picking out and/or making artwork, and staging coffee tables and mantels. I love it all. For Sophia and Charlotte’s rooms, I’m going to need to make some DIY wall art. I’ve written about DIY wall art ideas before here and here and here and here. I’ve made this one below for a guest post and I love how it came out, especially for a kid’s room like a nursery or playroom- it’s so bright and playful!
DIY Wall Art

So I have something similar in mind for two canvases I bought from Hobby Lobby particularly for this purpose. I will use similar or complementary paint colors to create stripes or chevron patterns on the canvas. I will then superimpose a word or design on top. Just like I did in the above picture. But just to make sure I’m staying on top of trends, and staying inspired and interested, I will go over some of the coolest DIY Wall Art Ideas from all over blogland!

Even More DIY Wall Art Ideas

DIY Geometric Wall Art Ideas

DIY Geometric Wall Art Ideas

1. I am in love with this DIY point artwork– I love the gold backdrop and how easy it is to make such an impressive piece of art!
2. This is such a unique art piece. I love how 3-dimensional the finished product is!
3. This geometric DIY textile is made with rubbing alcohol and sharpies – so adorable!
4. A larger scale piece, this geometric art was made with sheets of pine board, stain and paint- so simple!
5. Can you tell I’m in love with geometric art right now? Check out these intersecting circles– doesn’t it look so neat?! Love it!
6. I will probably make something like this artwork for one of my girl’s rooms- All you need is a canvas, some painter’s tape and a few paint colors of your choice! I love how customizeable this one is!

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