Cool DIY Home Improvement Projects

April 18, 2015 2 By EngineerMommy

Today I thought for a change, I will post about some general DIY home improvement projects that I have up my sleeve for the next few months. Between removing wallpaper and taking out toilets, we have been very preoccupied with stuff like, oh-I-dunno, getting a master bathroom in workable order. Once things settle down (hopefully within the next month), we can focus on more fun and exciting projects like DIY orb chandeliers and DIY garden planters! Okay I just spilled two of my upcoming projects! Here are a few more ideas I have up my sleeve!

Cool DIY Home Improvement Projects

DIY Home Improvement

DIY Home Improvement

1. Enhance the entry: Simply painting your front door can have a big impact on your home’s curb appeal. Bonus points if you pick a bold, bright color!

2. Add molding: Simply adding chair rail, crown molding or picture molding to any room will transform the space into something more inviting and more aesthetically interesting. We plan on adding crown molding to pretty much every room- and that may or may not be influenced by the fact that we painted all the rooms ourselves and the wall-ceiling border may not be perfect!

3. Create a cutting board for your sink: Cut a piece of butcher block to the exact size of your sink and let your sink do double duty!

4. Put wallpaper on a door: It’s an unexpected place to find wallpaper, but it can definitely add a touch of interest and elegance to an otherwise-ordinary door!

5. Paint your vinyl floors: You don’t necessarily have to replace your floors. You might be able to paint them! Check out this before & after!

6. Hide TV cords: We need to deal with some cluttered TV cords and cables, so this solution sounds simple and effective. Very interesting use for a shower rod!

7. Frame your TV: Another TV one, but I really like the idea of making the TV look like a picture frame!

8. Half paint your walls: This gives the illusion of a taller ceiling… I’m intrigued! Loving this idea for the kids’ rooms!

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