Ran out of coffee filters? Coffee Filter Substitutes

August 17, 2014 0 By EngineerMommy

This morning I was about to make my coffee, as usual, when I realized I ran out of coffee filters! Oh no! I have a teething infant and a tantrum-prone toddler and I didn’t sleep well last night… Coffee is very important to me! I wondered, “Is there such a thing as a homemade coffee filter?” There sure is!

After doing a bit of research, I realized that there are a number of easy coffee filter substitutes that you could use in a pinch if you find yourself out of coffee filters one morning. Bonus: you probably have these items in the house already! So here are some ways to make alternative coffee filters.

there are a number of easy coffee filter substitutes that you could use in a pinch

Ran out of coffee filters? List of Alternative Coffee Filters

Ran Out of Coffee Filters: Alternative Homemade Coffee Filters

Ran Out of Coffee Filters: Alternative Homemade Coffee Filters

  • In a pinch, you might be able to use microwave-safe paper towels without dyes. Just cut a small portion of paper towel and mold it into place. Be sure to use only microwave-safe paper towels, as they are safe at high heat.
  • A piece of cheesecloth would also work well. Cut a circle out of the cheesecloth and place that into place. The cheesecloth will contain the coffee grounds but allow the water to pass through.
  • A very clean, thin cloth (a handkerchief) might also work, but realize that the coffee will likely stain the cloth.
  • If you have tea bags, cut them open carefully and take out the tea leaves. Then you can use the empty bag part of the tea bag to serve as a coffee filter.
  • Another option is to prepare coffee just like one would prepare tea. Pour very, very hot water (just about to start boiling) over the coffee grounds and let them steep for a few minutes. Then, pour off the liquid, leaving the grounds behind. Alternatively, you can use a fine metal sieve / strainer to separate the liquid from the grounds.

So there you have it: a number of coffee filter substitutes. None are quite as convenient and easy as the original, but in a pinch, any one of these ideas can save your morning cup of coffee! A very noble task indeed!

The next time you are in the store, consider buying a permanent basket-style coffee filter. You can usually find one for only a few bucks, and you’ll never worry about running out of coffee filters again!

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