Summer pasta salads- ideas for inspiration

May 30, 2012 0 By EngineerMommy

When the temperatures head north of 80 degrees, I am really not one to turn on the oven. It heats up the kitchen and then the whole house, and the next thing you know, our AC is struggling to keep up with all the heat put out by the oven.

And I’m not one to tolerate the heat much. I’m the person wearing a tank top in 60 degrees- and I’m still warm in it!

Anyway, when I don’t put the oven on, I still need to prepare yummy foods for the family. But what’s the easiest thing to make when it’s too hot to be slaving over a stove? Cold pasta salads! I love them in June, July & August… and actually anytime of the year. But especially in the summer!!!

Here are some great ideas on making summer pasta salads for your inspiration!

  1. Try this great pasta salad filled with mozzarella and olives.- How to simplify
  2. Savor the Greek flavor in this Mediterranean-inspired pasta salad with sundried tomato vinaigrette.- The perfect pantry
  3. This unique cucumber dill pasta salad looks absolutely delish!.- The other side of fifty
  4. The Asian flavors in this peanut chicken soba salad sound so refreshing.- Cooking light

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