Picking the Right Crib Style for your Nursery

October 27, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

So you’re starting to think about designing your nursery. Are you wondering how to pick the crib style that will suit your decor best?

The following two crib styles are contemporary and stylish. Depending on whether you want straight lines or curves, the following crib genres are sure to add some pizzazz to your nursery.


Modern: Bloom Alma Urban Crib Frame Frost Grey

The modern design of the crib above is simple, straightforward & clean. The hard, straight lines, the charcoal gray color, and the lack of any ‘soft’ elements makes this a crib best suited for homes of a contemporary sensibility. Picture gray walls & minimalist design!

Whimsical: Mammut Crib, Blue

I put this crib from Ikea in a separate category because I don’t feel like it quite fits any of the other genres. I love this crib for a nursey because the bulbous feet & angled frame remind me of a cartoon image of a crib. The bright blue color is great for nurseries. This crib would be amazing in a baby’s room filled with bright, primary colors & vibrant decor.

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