Circus Clown Theme Nursery Idea Mood Board

October 25, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

This mood board is centered around a circus theme with clowns, tents, lions & bright colors. Since the color palette has a mix of many colors, this design would work equally well in a little boy or little girl’s room.

  1. HABA Mobile “Curtains Rise!”
  2. MAMMUT Children’s stool, green
  3. MAMMUT Crib, blue
  4. Circus Themed Bookends With Lion For Baby Nursery Or Toddler Room Decor
  5. Silly Circus Toy Box
  6. Circus Set Nursery Decor

The mobile in this collection is reminiscent of a circus tent with dangling animals. The toy box and bookends feature lions that furher stress the circus theme. The bright green stool and blue crib pull out some of the prominent colors of the other items in the collection. The circus-themed wall decor featuring a clown holding balloons would be perfect for accenting the wall above the changing table to keep baby entertained during diaper changes.

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