Garden Ladybug on Grass Nursery Theme Mood Board

October 25, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

This nursery theme features predominantly a green color palette with pops of bright pink color. Perfect for little baby girls, this garden motif is a beautiful way to decorate the rooms of budding little botanists.

  1. Cloud B Twilight Stuffed Ladybug Night Light
  2. Double Accent 2-light Green Floral Bronze Table Lamp
  3. Velvet Green Leaves Rug
  4. Carter’s Butterfly Flowers Boa Blanket, Pink/Choc, 30 X 40″
  5. 4″ Small Green Pink Glitter Ladybug Decorations
  6. Room Magic Wall Shelf, Garden
  7. SEI Round Metal Accent Table, Green

The green rug with a twisting vine design on the floor sets the stage for a garden motif. The green floral lamp further rounds out the garden theme by showcasing two cascading flowers. The bright pink ladybug night light brings a touch of light to those diaper changes during the wee hours of the morning. The ladybug wall decorations can be scattered on an empty wall to round out the ladybug theme. The pink receiving blanket with flowers & butterfly can be draped over a glider in the nursery to make cuddling with baby even more cozy. The garden-themed wall shelf is perfect for showcasing some baby’s favorite books. Finally, the mesh green accent table reminds me of a seat one would typically find in a garden and is perfect for holding a picture frame of baby & some snacks for mommy.

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