Five Simple Table Decor Ideas

October 28, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

I love amazing diningroom tables, and a table with a beautiful centerpiece can’t be beat. Here are five of my favorite ways to spruce up your table today!


A simple decorative bowl makes a nice statement. And the bonus is you really do not have to fill it with anything special. Just a beautiful bowl is all you need. Simple!

Candle Holder

A beautiful candle holder is another simple way to decorate your table. Important tip: Use only unscented candles, so that their fragrance does not compete with the food.


This vase would look beautiful on a dark wood dining table… with or without flowers. I prefer the vase without flowers simply because it is a more minimalist look!

Table Runner

Table runners tend to be more traditional, but this bamboo one is actually fairly modern because of the material & the color block design.



This is probably the easiest & simplest table decor idea. Simply take a plain plate (I like glass for this purpose) and center it in the table. Then fill it with small seasonal goodies. During Christmastime, place several mini ornaments of the same color on the plate like these. During Halloween or Thanksgiving, you can fill the plate with pumpkin-scented potpourri like this. During the springtime, you can use small Easter-themed eggs like these.


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