Developmental Infant Toys: 6-9 months

October 31, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Baby is now developing more independence and may be able to sit unassisted. She is also learning how to crawl. These milestones make baby’s toy arsenal vaster. Now with the increased fine-tuning of her grasp, there are many more toys that now become available to her.

  • Balls are a favorite toy of babies at this age. This O’ball is perfect for baby’s little fingers to slip through the holes and get a good grip. As baby grows, you can roll this ball back & forth to baby and even roll it away to encourage her to crawl after it.

  • Activity centers provide a myriad of sensory stimulations for the little one. This Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo is a favorite of my baby and for good reason! It features 360 degrees of fun and learning. There is a music, sounds, and lights. Another favorite feature is that you can set it to play the music only when baby bounces- an easy lesson in cause & effect!

  • At this age, baby can start learning to play with a first set of blocks. The Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks is a good example with its bright colors & shape matching. The set comes with 10 colorful blocks that are easy for baby to grasp.

  • An interactive learning laptop like the Vtech Baby’s Learning laptop is a wonderful toy that may be used as a teaching aid. It features three different modes to teach shapes, feelings, objects & music. The screen lights up and plays music interactively with the keyboard buttons. The cutest part is the baby-sized mouse that is perfect for a little one’s grip.

  • At this age, baby can start learning to develop nurturing skills and the Dr. Seuss Snuggle Pod Toy is a perfect example. It features a sweet little boy snuggled in a soft, green pod. It is baby’s first doll!

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