Developmental Infant Toys: 3-6 months

October 31, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Now that baby has reached the 3 month mark, she has developed a new range of abilities that enable her to interact with more toys. Select the right developmental toys & baby will thrive!

Now that baby is learning to make a fist & grasp things, there are a whole array of toys available to help her hone her craft.

  • If breastfeeding, a teething necklace like this jade one by Smart Mom is a good toy because baby will naturally become very curious during feedings and want to pull and tug at something. Better a necklace than mommy’s hair!

  • Many babies begin teething during this time frame and so a gel teether like these Nuby keys becomes practical & helpful at this stage. Find ones that can be refrigerated so that the coolness helps to soothe little sore gums.

  • Rattles like the Lamaze panda are a perfect toy for this age range, as babies are learning to grasp toys & shake them. When the toy makes noise, baby begins to learn cause & effect further teaching the baby to interact with her environment. Added bonus: this one is in black & white further stimulating baby’s vision!

  • Playmats are also useful for babies who are not yet able to sit up on their own. By lying down and being entertained by dangling toys overhed, baby will eventually start to reach up and grab the toys. Playmats that can also be used for tummy time like this Fisher Price Musical Discovery Gym contain numerous toys at eye-level. It’s a perfect transitional toy that will grow with baby!

  • The Orbit baby beads by Manhattan Toy are another baby favorite at this age. The beads are held together by an elastic cord and can be manipulated into endless configurations to keep baby engaged!

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