What’s in my purse?

October 30, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

I used to carry beautiful big ol’ tote bags like this one wherever I went. Since giving birth, I now carry a 16+ pound mini person everywhere and it seems impossible to have an extra hand free for lugging a bulky tote. This is especially since I find myself often unloading the car of groceries & the baby in one trip.

Now I typically go with a cross-body bag from Coach that keeps both hands free for wiping spit-up and unlocking the front door. Perfect!

Here is the bag I am carrying these days:

Granted, I generally like to fill my everyday purse with enough stuff to last me four days at sea, but with a slim cross-body bag, I really have to pick & choose wisely. So here is what I pack in my bag:

  1. My tablet computer covered in my brand-new floral case (scored from TJ Maxx for about $6)
  2. Leather olive green wallet
  3. Puffy heart keychain
  4. 4 GB USB flash drive (I know, I’m a geek!)
  5. L’Oreal Lip Gloss
  6. Lorac 3D Gloss
  7. Sephora by OPI Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Spray

Oh yea, I also carry my phone everywhere. It didn’t make it in this picture, because it was in my hand.

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