Developmental Infant Toys: 0-3 months

October 29, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Let’s face it: A baby under three months will be doing a lot of Eat, Sleep, Poop… Rinse & Repeat!

But for those moments where baby is awake & alert and waiting for you to present colorful, pretty gizmos, here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Baby’s eyesight is still rapidly developing, and she see can toys in bright colors and black & white far more easily than those in pastel colors. This Sassy Ring Rattle has both bright primary colors and black & white to fully engage baby’s vision!

  • A mobile is a great hands-off way to stimulate baby’s sight & hearing in a safe manner during this age range. Mobiles are commonly attached to the crib but may also be attached to the changing table to keep baby engaged during diaper changes. This Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams mobile also comes with a calming night light & remote control.

  • A toy with soothing sounds is a great way to help calm down a fussy little one. And a calm baby makes for a happy mommy! The Cloud b Sleep Sheep comes with four different soothing sounds.

  • When considering picture books to read to your newborn, choose ones with big, colorful pictures and very little wording for this stage. Softer books also tend to be safer for delicate little babies. The Baby’s My First Photo Album of Family & Friends features soft pages & a black and white palette.

  • A baby-safe mirror is another toy that most infants would readily appreciate. Although they may not yet know it is their reflection they’re seeing, they are still quite entertained by mirrors. This Skip Hop Treetop Friends mirror comes with adorable stuffed owls.

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