The Smart Way to Pack a Diaper Bag

October 29, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Do you ever wonder if your diaper bag has all the essentials covered? Or maybe if you’re missing a few items that could potentially make your life on-the-go much easier? Well, here is the list I use to ensure my diaper bag is packed efficiently & intelligently!

  • Diapers: Duh, I know! What is a diaper bag without diapers? I always have at least five in there at all times. If I know I will be out for more than a couple hours, I will take extras.
  • Wipes: I usually a wipes pack that is dedicated for travel like this one. I prefer the travel pack over the hard, plastic case that you have to manually fill with wipes. I find the travel packs dispense wipes much more easily.
  • Barrier Cream: Just one small tube of this stuff is enough for travel.
  • Portable Changing Pad: This is so important when changing diapers outside so you don’t have to put baby directly on surfaces used by so many other people. I have one just like this one.
  • Burp Cloth: I keep a burp cloth in my bag to quickly wipe up spit-up or food messes.
  • Toy(s): I think one toy is enough for most trips, but typically I will find 3 or 4 toys in my diaper bag. I try to make sure that if I am carrying multiple toys, they are different from each other. For example, I might have one plastic teether, one soft round ball, one rubber giraffe (a.k.a. Sophie), etc.
  • Baby clothes: One replacement outfit for baby (including socks & bodysuit) is typically enough for me.
  • Plastic bag(s): This is a clever way to deal with dirty diapers or dirty clothes when you don’t have a proper disposal solution outside.
  • Hand Sanitizer: I use hand sanitizer a lot (although I used to use it a lot more when S was a newborn!). I like the spray form of hand sanitizer like this.

This is pretty much what I carry in my diaper bag most of the time. If I know I will be out all day, I may throw in an extra outfit for baby & a snack/drink for me. Since my baby is not eating solid food yet and I’m breastfeeding, my bag is fairly light & compact. When she starts eating solid foods regularly, then we will need to add to this list.

If you think I forgot some items, feel free to add them in the comments below!

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