Developmental Infant Toys: 9-12 months

November 1, 2011 0 By EngineerMommy

Now baby is interacting with her environment in many more new & exciting ways. She loves to push buttons and pull levers. She likes stacking blocks and knocking them down, and then doing it again. Give her toys at this point that will encourage her to develop these newfound skills.

  • Since baby now loves to imitate mommy or daddy, give her a toy version of a common adult object like a set of keys or cell phone. This Vtech Tiny Touch Phone has a sliding cover and a light-up mirror screen. Baby will feel so grown-up!

  • Now that baby is sitting up and crawling and perhaps even walking, a large soft, foam playmat is in order. Designate a baby-safe space to allow baby to explore her world. This Tadpoles ABC Floor Mat has a soft feel and includes all the letters to teach baby the alphabet.

  • Baby will like to explore the relationship of one toy with one another at this stage. Encourage this behavior with a set of stacking blocks. The Earlyears Stacking Activity Cubes let baby see & hear many small, colorful beads moving through an hourglass. This helps to develop visual & fine motor skills.

  • Let baby hone her filling & pouring interests with the Put & Peek Doghouse, which features four colorful characters with unique textures. The roof & door open very easily to make it easy for baby to develop her motor skills.

  • Baby is now more on the move than ever before! Consider a toy like the Vtech Sit to Stand Learning Walker, which features 5 piano keys & 3 spinning rollers. The toy also includes shape sorters and shape buttons. A telephone handset & moveable barn door also encourage role playing activities.

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