Why I’m Putting My Peace First

May 18, 2022 0 By EngineerMommy

After being in this industry for many years, I have found that the single most important way to prioritize my sanity is to be super selective about the brands, with which I choose to collaborate. I have reached a place in my personal & professional life, where I will not agree to a partnership just because I can do so.

I talked about some of the criteria I use to determine whether I’ll move forward with a collaboration here in this post. That post was all about the how; this post is all about the why

Ok, quick story time! This past week, I had to turn down an amazing collaboration with a great brand and a wonderful cause. Part of the campaign would require a trip to an event around 1 hour away. However, the kids had school that day and my husband had work that day. Now technically, it could have been possible to still attend the event late into the evening.. and then drive back of course. 

Doable? Yes.

Easy? No.

Five years ago, I probably would have happily accepted the offer and signed on to that collaboration. However, now I’m prioritizing my comfort and peace and stress levels above all else. 

Whether you’re trying to decide if you should take on a project or simply planning out your week or even facing another type of decision entirely, make sure you put your peace first! Think about the choice(s) you can make that will maximize your comfort and minimize your stress. 


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