7 Wall Art Choices for Every Design Style

November 10, 2022 16 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Fine Art America. All opinions are mine alone.

Wall art is one of the most impactful elements that can be added to an interior space. I recently discovered Fine Art America and it’s such a great destination to find a wide variety of gorgeous, affordable wall art for the home. You can order online and have your pieces conveniently shipped right to your doorstep. Whether your preferred design style is industrial or mid-century modern or something in between, there’s a wall art option at Fine Art America that’s sure to complement your home.

1. Mid-Century Modern

If you appreciate the clean lines and muted tones of mid-century modern design, then you will find some gorgeous wall art to complement your style at Fine Art America. This framed art print features a simple circle and modern lines with neutral colors. Perfect for the mid-century modern aesthetic!

2. Modern Farmhouse

Growing in popularity recently, the modern farmhouse design style is typified by comfortable elements, nature-inspired art, neutral color palettes and contemporary materials like stainless steel & granite. This canvas print of a highland cow perfectly captures the modern farmhouse vibe. I love canvas prints as wall art because it’s easy to customize many elements of the final piece: the print size, canvas wrap, canvas type, frame color, etc.

3. Boho

To emulate the boho design style, it’s integral to combine different cultures into an eclectic vibe that puts the focus on organic elements. This wall art print of a watercolor palm leaf is beautiful, organic and very effective at capturing the boho style. 

4. Industrial

The industrial style is known for incorporating building materials into the room, such as exposed rafters or reclaimed wood. Wall art that complements this style often features an urban landscape, such as this beautiful photograph art of the Granville Island Bridge.

5. Nautical

This is a design style that is rich in elements associated with the ocean, such as blue/green colors, anchors, fishing, boating, etc. This acrylic print is modern & gorgeous and would complement any nautical – or coastal – design aesthetic.

6. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian design style emphasizes neutral colors and minimalist decor. This black and white art print is a simple, yet effective, representation of modern abstract art and would pair well in a home that embraces the Scandinavian design style.

7. Modern

Modern home design focuses on clean lines, geometric shapes, intentional asymmetry and unexpected pairings.  This colorful digital art of a goldfish with a shark fin is totally eye-catching and the perfect complement for any modern space. 

Don’t forget to check out Fine Art America for all your wall art needs. As one of the world’s largest art retailers with over 500K independent artists, it’s the perfect destination to dress up your walls! 

What is your preferred design style? Which of these wall art choices speaks most to you? 

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