An Easy After-School Routine with Melon’s House Party

October 13, 2022 12 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Melon’s House Party. All opinions are mine alone.

Sophia is growing up so quickly! I cannot believe we are well into September already. Today I’m talking all about the importance of developing an after-school routine and how Melon’s House Party has become a fun part of our afternoons.

During the school day, kids are busy rushing from class to class, learning brand new concepts, navigating through various social interactions, and so much more. After school, I believe it’s so important to establish a routine that prioritizes the child’s nourishment, relaxation and overall balance. Here are some elements of an after-school routine that my husband and I set up for our kids.

1. Relaxation

My girls & I all love Melon’s House Party, which is a musical podcast geared for kids aged 5-12 years old. With Season 2 coming out in September 2022, there are so many fun adventures to have with Melon, an 8-pound puppy that communicates with inanimate objects around the house.  Sophia and I have gotten into the habit of hanging out in the backyard after school and enjoying the latest Melon’s House Party episode together. Episodes are around 30 minutes long so they’re perfect for road trips or while relaxing at home.

The adorable premise of the show is that the objects around the house all sing & speak throughout the day, but only dogs can hear this. Melon is one such dog who has made friends with everything from the record player and the bookshelf to the computer and more. However, Melon’s absolute best friend is the couch and they go on many adventures together. Packed with fun & exciting musical elements, this storytelling podcast is a great screen-free activity to share with my kids. Some days, we’ll hang out in the backyard and watch the dog play while we catch up on a recent episode together. 

As Melon goes on adventures, she exemplifies the importance of kindness. She also teaches children the value of friendship and family. Don’t forget to download Melon’s House Party (new episodes are released on Wednesdays) and check out Wondery Kids & Wondery Media on social media for the latest from the brand.

2. Snacks

I love to have some of my kids’ favorite snacks on hand during the after-school period. I try to have their favorite strawberry & almond milk smoothies, along with one of their favorite sandwiches, ready when they walk through the door.

3. Communication

Sitting down and hearing about my kids’ days at school is one of my favorite parts of every day. Especially now that they’re getting older, keeping the lines of communication open – and being someone they can come to with questions or concerns – is very important to me.

4. Homework

Before my kids are allowed to play games after school, it’s always a necessity that they first finish their homework. I want them to develop a great work ethic that’ll serve them well throughout the upcoming school years, during college & beyond.

5. Physical exercise

Physical activity is very important for kids, especially after a long day of sitting at their desk for hours. Ever since we got a dog 8 months ago, we have gotten into the habit of going on daily family walks through the neighborhood.

I hope these tips inspired you to create a great after-school routine with your kids. Don’t forget to download Melon’s House Party & let your kids unwind with this fun, entertaining musical podcast. What does the after-school routine look like for your kids? 

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