How to Set up the Best Home Coffee Station

September 21, 2021 1 By EngineerMommy

Do you enjoy a cup of joe every day? Or maybe you’d like to impress your guests with a coffee-shop-inspired coffee nook in your kitchen? Whatever your motivation, creating an at-home coffee station is easy and rewarding!

Consider including a menu!
Got an extra chalkboard lying around? Or even a small dry erase board? Bring the coffee shop vibe to your home by writing on the chalkboard a few of your specialties, such as iced cappuccino or salted hot chocolate.

Set up supplies!
Whether you want a huge organizational set-up or a simple place to corral a few essentials, gather some items to keep your station tidy. A few small glasses to hold your sugar/sucralose packets is a great idea. I also bought this set of 400 wooden stirrers, which has been a fun addition to my kitchen. The bonus perk? Less dishes to wash, since I’m not dirtying a spoon every time I need to mix my sweetener into my tea.

Find a dedicated space!
You certainly don’t need a large space for a coffee station. A few items next to your coffee maker is all that’s required. If you do have extra space, consider setting up a larger space with something like this.

Place treats nearby!
Just like a coffee shop, nothing goes better with coffee than something sweet. Consider placing some of your favorite cookies, brownies, or muffins in your coffee station. Breakfast at home has never been more fun!

Add syrups & powders!
You can pour some of your favorite syrups (caramel, vanilla, etc.) into oil pourers to make flavoring your morning brew easier than ever. Also, consider putting some cinnamon & cocoa powder inside some (empty!) salt and pepper shakers for more flavor-boosting ability!

Keep mugs nearby!
I love a great glass cappuccino mug like this one…but let’s face it, I really like all my coffee and tea mugs. Consider investing in a dedicated set like this for your coffee station – it’s amazing what a beautiful set of glassware/stoneware will do for your space!

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