Easy Tips to Boost Everyday Relaxation with Palo Santo

September 20, 2021 19 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for EcuadorianHands. All opinions are mine alone.

Everyday life can definitely be stressful at times. We all deal with so many unexpected events on a regular basis and these events can certainly alter our moods and increase frustration levels. However, taking control over our emotions is absolutely essential to maintain a sense of calm. Today I’ll be sharing a number of ways to boost your everyday relaxation, featuring palo santo products from EcuadorianHands. Palo santo products are derived naturally from a wild tree species and these products have been used for aromatherapy, meditation, holistic medicine, etc. for decades.

  • Experience the power of palo santo.

I recently received the Magic Red Bracelet from EcuadorianHands. These red bracelets have wooden pearls of palo santo along a beautifully-braided red string and come equipped with a vial of palo santo essential oil. This oil can be used to re-hydrate the palo santo wood pearl. Palo Santo promotes a comforting sense of peace and tranquility. The scent is a lovely combination of woody and citrus with a slight note of mint.

As someone who is eco-conscious, I love that EcuadorianHands is committed to improving our planet. A percentage of the sale of these bracelets, along with other EcuadorianHands palo santo products, helps to support the reforestation program that began in 2015. This Palo Santo Reforestation Program has planted more than 10,000 trees of palo santo over the past several years. The company has worked with local farmers to teach them the proper way to work with palo santo, which is believed to be a species that helps reduce the carbon footprint. Many of the trees planted through the Reforestation Program have been delivered to schools, colleges, and institutions. As recently as July 2021, EcuadorianHands has created a new nursery in Santa Marianita, Ecuador, which currently houses over 3000 palo santo trees.

Associated with many traditions and beliefs, this red bracelet is believed to bring good fortune and protection to the wearer. Practitioners of Buddhism, Kabbalah, Hinduism and Christianity have all been known to wear red bracelets such as this one for its benefits.

Another palo santo product, the glycerin bar soap is perfect for everyday use and serves as another awesome way to incorporate the power of palo santo into your everyday routine. This soap, which features vitamin E and high glycerin content, hydrates my skin, leaving it soft and supple. The unique scent helps to boost one’s sense of wellness and contentment. Thanks to high concentration of limonene, palo santo boasts antioxidant, antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Just like the bracelet, this Glycerin Soap supports the reforestation in Ecuador and supports Native Communities in Manabi, Ecuador. Also noteworthy is the fact that these palo santo products are always created with a commitment to giving back to the planet. In fact, EcuadorianHands only handles wood that has naturally died in the forest. The company has actually planted 10,000+ palo santo trees over the years.

I also received the harvested Palo Santo Incense Powder. This sustainable, eco-friendly powder works well as an air freshener and cleanser. It can be used alongside yoga, meditation and aromatherapy for a full-sensory calming experience. Palo santo is believed to be quite relaxing, fatigue-reducing and stress-relieving.


It is believed that this palo santo incense powder has the power to drive away negative vibrations and attract good fortune. This bag offers about 10 applications and each session takes about 40 – 60 minutes. The proper way to use this incense powder is to light it in an incense burner and then leave the home (make sure nobody else is at home.) When you return, the air will be purified thanks to palo santo’s properties. When you purchase on Amazon, use code 15ENGMOMMY to get 15% off!

  • Focus on your breath. When agitated, we tend to take rapid, shallow breaths. To induce a sense of calm, aim for slow, deep breaths. There are plenty of breathing exercises available online that can help you tune into that ultimate sense of zen.
  • Take a warm bath. There’s nothing quite as soothing as soaking one’s muscles in hot water and letting go of all the daily frustrations. An even better idea? Use the palo santo soap for extra relaxation.
  • Music is powerful; let it work to your advantage. Choose calm-inducing tunes that will put you in the right frame of mind for a productive yet peaceful day. 
  • Try journaling. It’s a great way to get those anxiety-inducing thoughts out of your head and onto some paper. It can be downright cathartic to write out one’s thoughts.
  • Guided imagery has also been shown to be incredibly helpful when dealing with anxiety. With guided imagery, you simply imagine yourself in a certain setting that promotes a feeling of calm. For example, imagine yourself in a field on a beautiful day, seeing the sun, hearing the birds, smelling the cut grass, feeling the cool breeze and tasting a lemon ice pop. 
  • Another effective practice is progressive muscle relaxation. This process involves tensing and then subsequently relaxing each muscle group. Progressive muscle relaxation can drastically reduce anxiety and muscle tension. 

I hope these tips have inspired you to lead a calmer lifestyle. Don’t forget to check out the palo santo products from EcuadorianHands and use code 15ENGMOMMY to save 15% on Amazon. Which of these palo santo products would you love to try first? Experience Palo Santo, the sacred wood that soothes your soul.

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