Fall Decor Trends for 2021

September 23, 2021 1 By EngineerMommy

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When it comes to home decor and design, I do tend to focus on classic, timeless ideas. However, it can also be nice to give a nod to trendy styles and ideas as well. Here are some fall design trends for the home in 2021.

1. Velvet
Velvet is a popular material choice as the weather cools down. It’s cozy, it’s comfy and it’s luxurious. This year, look for easy ways to incorporate some velvet in your home with velvet throw pillows or a velvet comforter.

2. Leaves
Yes, this is a literal interpretation of fall, but skip the bright oranges and deep reds. For a more elegant, understated look, go for single-toned beige or white leaves on a table runner. Or consider an abstract painting of leaves in a neutral color palette.

3. Candles
Candles are both decorative and functional. Incorporating candles in your home with fall-centric scents is an excellent way to bring a little of the season inside your home. Some of my favorites for the cooler months are pumpkin & cedar scents.

4. Knits
Knits are a must-have home accessory for fall. Think of draping a chunky knit throw on your living room sofa. Or perhaps a chunky knit blanket for your bed will be the perfect way to stay warm this season.

5. Layers
Don’t be shy with layers. I love the look & feel of multiple layers within a home. For example, consider a picture ledge. Forget a single layer of photo frames. As long as room allows, go big with multiple pieces staggered in front of each other. Aim for a similar approach with the pillows on your couch.

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