5 Spring Cleaning Tips to Get More Done in Less Time

April 14, 2021 22 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Toppin. All opinions are mine alone.

Once the weather warms up and spring rolls around, I inevitably start to think of spring cleaning and how I can give my home a thorough refresh. Today I’m going to share with you all some of my best spring cleaning tips to help you get your home in top shape with minimal effort. I’m also excited to tell you all about a cleaning tool I discovered recently, the Toppin Stick Vacuum Cleaner, that has streamlined my cleaning process significantly. 

1. Use multi-purpose cleaning tools.

When it comes to cleaning a home, multi-purpose tools that do double duty in multiple areas of the home save time and effort. I’ve been absolutely loving the Toppin Stick Vacuum Cleaner recently. This 8-in-1 powerful vac is lightweight, features a large capacity and has an impressive 34-minute runtime so it’s possible to get a lot of cleaning done without needing to re-charge the device. Plus, the wireless design, 4 LED headlights and 180 degree swivel steering make it easy to maneuver into tight spaces and under furniture easily. 

This Toppin stick vac can also convert to a handheld vacuum, which makes it super convenient for tackling all kinds of cleaning jobs around the house. Multi-purpose tools for the WIN!

The impressive 23kPa strong suction is effective at eliminating dirt, hair, debris and everyday messes. I noticed a huge improvement in the suction with this vac, as compared to other vacuums I’ve used in the past. Whether you’re cleaning low-pile carpeting, rugs, tiles or hardwood floors, this vacuum system can handle it all. Included in the package are the handheld vacuum, floor brush, wand, crevice tool, dusting brush, extension hose, power adapter, cutter knife and wall mounting.

What’s amazing about this device is that it can be easily converted to handle other cleaning jobs around the house. By attaching the dusting brush, it’s super simple to clean curtains. 

Getting in between sofa cushions has never been easier thanks to the crevice tool.

I’ve been doing yoga every morning for months and I wasn’t sure how to clean my yoga mat but this handheld vac did a great job. The powerful suction brought my mat to like-new condition.

Thanks to a high-efficiency cyclone and HEPA filtration system, it removes up to 99.99% of microscopic dust particles as small as 0.1 microns. The system also prevents secondary air pollution so you can breathe comfortably throughout the cleaning experience. 

If you’re looking for a powerful stick vac that can convert into other tools for all sorts of cleaning jobs around the house, check out this amazing Toppin Stick Vacuum today. For 15% off on Toppinlife.com, use promo code Jennifer15.

2. Clean room by room.

If you try to tackle the whole house at once, it can get overwhelming very quickly. Focus on one room at a time. Also, create cleaning checklists of everything you must tackle within each space to streamline your cleaning process and stay efficient. 

3. Don’t forget the clutter.

In addition to wiping down surfaces and vacuuming floors, a big part of spring cleaning involves de-cluttering. Identify the areas of the home that are disorganized and create a system to go through all the clutter. Determine if you really need the item. If you do, find a logical place in the home for it. If you don’t, either donate it or throw it away immediately.

4. Tackle seasonal chores.

Spring is a great time to take care of seasonal chores, especially those that are in preparation of the hot summer months. For example, give some attention to the outdoor spaces, such as cleaning the grill, power-washing the patio, and turning on the water sprinklers. Also, rotate your seasonal clothing, taking out the warmer weather pieces and putting into storage the cooler weather items.

5. Break down cleaning into 20-minute periods.

Trying to tackle a cleaning job for a full day can be intimidating to even the most seasoned among us. Instead, focus on just 20 minutes per day. Make a realistic list of what you can accomplish during that time period and work as quickly as possible to get as much done as possible. If you’re feeling extra motivated, go for another 20-minute stretch in the same day. This is a much better strategy than attempting to deep-clean the whole house for hours at a time. 

Don’t forget to check out the Toppin Stick Vacuum here and learn more about its features.  For 15% off on Toppinlife.com, use promo code Jennifer15. Would you like to experience the convenience and versatility of this vac? What are your best spring cleaning tips?

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