The Coolest Mother’s Day Gift of 2021

April 19, 2021 28 By EngineerMommy

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When it comes to Mother’s Day gifts, the thoughtful, sentimental ones are always the biggest hits. I recently discovered, which offers an easy, affordable and streamlined process for creating a video biography of your mother or grandmother. I recently used their web platform to create a video biography of my own mom. The final product (a personalized video) is a celebration of my mom’s personal stories and unique perspectives on life. Family history has never been more accessible and engaging!

The process to create the video is incredibly easy. There are just two steps required to get started:

1. Select your questions. In order to conduct an interview, you need questions. Well has got you covered in that department! There are literally hundreds of questions that have been vetted by leading psychologists and biographers. The questions are also neatly organized into logical categories, such as Love & Marriage, Family & Children, Age & Time and more. Examples of specific questions include: what is your advice for a happy marriage, what is the best/worst thing about aging,  did you ever start your own business, and so many more. You can select the questions that work well for your family and simply ignore the rest. If there are specific questions you’d like to ask that you don’t see in the pre-made list, the platform makes it easy to add custom questions too! They’ve really thought of everything!


2. Record your video. Next up is conducting the actual video interview. Simply share the link to your personal web studio with your relative. That’s it! Once they click on the link that’s sent to them, they will connect to your personal web studio. They can use any smartphone, tablet or laptop to make this video call. Easy peasy! 

I checked out the platform several days ago and I absolutely loved the experience. My mom did too. In fact, having her answer all these questions in a dedicated video chat actually gives her a platform to share her wisdom and unique history. Another thing I’m excited about is being able to share her biography video with my own daughters as they get older. is really a fun, smart way to capture your relative’s personality for themselves, for yourself and for future generations.

Here’s a short snippet of my mom’s biography video.

Here are some specific features I really like about

  1. It can be conducted virtually. In light of current events and the need to social distance from others, this platform makes it possible to virtually connect with your loved one in a very meaningful way. 
  2. The technology is intuitive and easy to use. Setting up our personalized video call was a breeze and took mere minutes. Moreover, my mom is not particularly tech-savvy so I love that all she needed to do was click on a link to join our video chat.
  3. It’s a gift for everyone. Not only is this video biography an awesome tribute for her, it’s also an amazing keepsake for all of us: my husband, my kids and my extended family 
  4. It’s an affordable Mother’s Day gift. With Mother’s Day right around the corner, this is an amazing way to show your loved one how much you care. I appreciate that there are two packages available on the website with different price points.

Developed by husband-and-wife team, Jon & Rebecca, was created with the importance of family in mind. The platform developed out of a personal longing to better know the founders’ own grandparents. Currently, is helping individuals around the country capture the stories & perspectives of their loved ones. For the latest news & offers from the brand, check them out on Facebook & Instagram. I plan on continuing to use the platform myself in the coming weeks and conducting additional video interviews with my mom.

Don’t forget to learn more about here to see how you can preserve the memories of your mother or grandmother in a dedicated video. Who would you interview to create a special keepsake of them? Would you love to try

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