Summer Hiking Tips

June 14, 2019 22 By EngineerMommy

This is a sponsored post written by me for Best Buy. All opinions are mine alone.

Staying active throughout the year is very important to me. One of my favorite ways to work out involves going on a hike through the local woods. Today I’ll be sharing some of my best tips on hiking throughout spring & summer. From using Skullcandy Push Ear Buds to staying on marked trails, keep reading for all the details.

1. Hydration!

When the temps heat up, staying hydrated is absolutely essential. I always bring along a water bottle with me. Sometimes I’ll add a few lemon or lime slices in there for an easy, calorie-free flavor boost. If I know it’s a particularly hot day or if I’ll be hiking for a few hours, I’ll bring an electrolyte sports drink. 

2. Great music!

For me, no workout is complete without great music! I recently received the Skullcandy Push Ear Buds and they have been an amazing addition to my workout routine!

Equipped with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology, they are so convenient – no need to worry about wires getting in the way anymore! 

Plus, the impressive 12-hour battery life ((6 in the buds and an additional 6 in the case) means that I don’t have to bother charging these ear buds every single day. 

Right on the ear buds themselves, I can manage volume control, answer/end phone calls, play the next/previous audio track and access the voice assistant … all through a single button! Amazing, right? Thanks to the built-in microphone, I can also chat hands-free! Perfect for those relaxing walks when I want to catch up with my mom!  

Plus, did you see the beautiful, bold color on these Skullcandy Push Ear Buds? It’s a metallic teal – gorgeous!! 

Thanks to Secure FitFin™ Gels, the fit is super comfortable! Unlike other ear buds I’ve tried over the years, these never fall out. Once they are in, they stay put! Oh, and since they’re water-resistant, I can work out during rainy weather without fear.

These ear buds even come with a convenient charging case for effortless recharging.

Thanks to the 100dB/mW sensitivity, the Skullcandy Push Ear Buds provide powerful, crisp audio! 

If you want to experience the awesome audio delivered by these ear buds to bring your workouts to the next level, check out the Skullcandy Push Ear Buds by clicking here.

3. Avoid the midday sun!

I always try to work out in the early morning or late evening, when the sun is not at the highest point in the sky. The midday sun is the hottest sun of the day so I always avoid working out outdoors during this time of day. It’s much more comfortable – and easier – for the body work out in cooler temperatures. Another perk of working out during early morning or late evening? The trails will often be less crowded and more peaceful! 

4. Stay on marked trails!

If you are heading to a local park, it’s a good idea to stay on the marked trails. Also, bring along a map so you can find your way back. Another tip if you’re hiking in a less congested area is to bring along a workout buddy. As they say, there’s safety in numbers! 

5. Don’t forget sunscreen & bug spray!

Nobody wants to spend their hike swatting away flies & mosquitoes. Use a bug spray before leaving the house and apply sunscreen to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

I hope these tips have inspired you to have plenty safe hikes over the next few months. What are your tips for a safe summer hike? Would you love to experience the awesome audio delivered by these Skullcandy Push Ear Buds?


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