Convenient Lunch Solution & Other Productivity Tips

June 17, 2019 23 By EngineerMommy

This post is sponsored by on behalf of Boston Market.

As a full-time blogger, I work from home every day. When the kids are in school, I am in work mode, trying to get as much done as quickly as possible. Today I’ll be sharing some tips on boosting one’s productivity during busy workdays. From strategically using a timer to grabbing a quick Boston Market Lunch, keep reading for my best tips to boost your productivity.

1. Grab a quick lunch from Boston Market.

Boston Market has been rotisserie experts for years now. They recently launched a brand new Boston Market Lunch menu. In addition to the classic home style rotisserie meals, I can now find delicious salads & sandwiches at Boston Market. My perfect lunch solution for busy days!

Boston Market Lunch meals feature high-quality ingredients with a home-cooked taste. Their new lunch menu, which launched on June 1, includes a Southwest Chicken BLT, a Chicken Avocado Club, a Chicken Salad Roll, a Southwest Cobb Salad and a Caesar Salad. So many tasty options to choose from!

The convenience and freshness of Boston Market cannot be beat. I ordered the Chicken Avocado Club on ciabatta.

Made with bacon, avocado, Tillamook cheddar cheese, lettuce, red onion and herbed mayo, this sandwich is full of flavor!

Boston Market Lunch offers something for everyone. My husband came with me; he ordered the Caesar Salad and enjoyed it so much.

If you’re looking for a quick & tasty lunch, be sure to check out the selection at Boston Market. 

In my experience, a Boston market lunch is a healthier option than so many other lunchtime competitors. 

Have you heard about the FREE “Sandwich Throwdown” that will take place on Friday, June 21? Between 11 a.m. – 2 p.m., Boston Market is inviting everyone to a fun sandwich throwdown. Simply bring your favorite sandwich from another cafe to a Boston Market restaurant and taste the difference that fresh rotisserie chicken can make!  Guests will then be asked to vote for the better-tasting sandwich through an online survey. There will even be free sandwich upgrades available (while supplies last.)

Want to save some money when you visit Boston Market? Use the Promo Code 35075 for $3 OFF any sandwich, salad or choose two purchases. Offer expires 6/30/19.

2. Use a timer.

Do you really know how much time you’re spending to complete that assignment? Or what about how much time passes while you respond to those emails? To keep better track of your day, it’s a smart idea to keep a timer by your desk. Set appropriate time limits for various tasks and stick to those limits. This timer trick will help motivate you to get more done in less time!

3. Take breaks often.

When you work continuously for long stretches of time, it’s inevitable that your focus will wane. Concentrating on the task at hand will become progressively more difficult over time. The solution is to take short breaks during the day. The best type of break is an exercise break. By getting your heart rate up a bit, you will find yourself being more productive when you finally sit back down at your desk.

4. Get comfortable saying “no.”

Many of us have trouble saying “no” to others. We wind up taking on more responsibilities than we can reasonably handle. If we turn down work more often, we will find ourselves better able to handle what we do have on our plates. 

5. Stop aiming for perfection.

Striving for perfection is something that I’ve struggled with for years. My Type-A personality can definitely complicate things for my productivity levels. I’m trying to aim less for perfect and trying to aim more for excellent. I’m a work in progress!  🙂

See how a Boston Market Lunch can offer a delicious, convenient meal that’ll help you stay productive during those busy days. Have you tried their new lunch menu? Do you follow any of these tips to stay productive?

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