Home Safety Tips for Families

June 13, 2019 15 By EngineerMommy

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As a mom, nothing that tops my list of priorities more than the safety of my family. In the home, there are actually quite a few hazards that can pose a danger to the well-being of little ones. Today I’ll be sharing some of the most common hazards, including corded window coverings, accessible medications, unprotected stairs, and more.

1. Magnets

Magnets are an incredibly dangerous hazard for children. If swallowed, the magnets may attract one another in the intestines, potentially causing  perforations and sepsis. This is a preventable hazard. Be sure to remove all small magnets from your child’s playroom. A common source of magnets in the home is on the refrigerator- keep all those fridge magnets out of the reach of children. 

2. Window coverings

Did you know that June is National Safety Month? This means that now is the perfect time to assess your home’s safety when it comes to young children. One lesser-known – yet still major – safety concern involves window coverings. Did you know that dangling cords pose a serious strangulation hazard to infants and young children? In fact, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, corded window coverings are one of the top five hidden hazards in American homes. It’s important to replace them with cordless products.

If you live in a home with young children, it’s essential to install cordless window coverings or ones with inaccessible cords. 

If you’re not sure which window covering products are best for you, look for the Best for Kids™ certification label. Best for Kids products are currently available at major retailers across the country.

Back in December 2018, a new standard was passed that affects the availability of corded window coverings in retailers. Since then, anyone wishing to purchase corded window coverings must special-order them directly through manufacturers rather than purchasing in-store.

This is great news for those of us looking for cordless window coverings. Ever since this new standard was passed, purchasing cordless window coverings is now easy and convenient. 

3. Small batteries

Those high-powered, button-sized lithium batteries that are used to power small electronic devices are very dangerous for kids. They can get stuck in the esophagus and cause severe chemical burns. If there are any devices that use these batteries in your home, make sure an adult is present whenever a child is playing with these devices. Examples of these devices include greeting cards, remote controls, watches, hearing aids, thermometers, calculators, toys. Another good tip is to use thick tape to cover up the battery areas where coin-batteries are housed. 

4. Medicine & Cleaners

Both cleaning supplies and medications can be dangerous to young children, so they need to be locked away for safety. Make sure that all detergents, bleaches and medicines are locked away in high-reaching cabinets (or ones outfitted with child-proof locks.) Ensure that child safety caps are engaged whenever closing medicine bottles. Use cabinet locks to keep the doors shut.

5. Stairway Gates

This tip is especially important for younger children, but if you have stairways in your home, putting up a gate is essential for crawlers and those just learning to walk. There are multiple types of gates available on the market. In general, the ones that are screwed into the wall are more secure than the ones that are held up by tension only. 

Don’t forget to learn more about cordless window coverings here. How do you keep your home as safe as possible from hazards? Did I miss any other important home safety tips? 

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