How Amazon Alexa is Making Reading Fun

March 21, 2019 25 By EngineerMommy

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Over the last few months, I have shared numerous times how much we love Amazon Alexa around here. Not only does this digital assistant make our everyday life easier in so many ways, but she’s also helping my daughters with their schoolwork. In fact, Echo Dot Kids Edition has actually made reading fun for my kids! 

We have had Amazon Alexa in our house for a few years now. She helps us with everything from recipe suggestions and ingredient conversions to checking weather and listening to our favorite songs. She is more than just a digital assistant, though. She also offers educational games that my kids love and learn from. Some of their favorite Alexa Skills include State Capitals Quiz and Multiplication Quiz. In school, Sophia is tasked to solve 100 multiplication questions within only five minutes. Sophia has been flexing her multiplication muscles by using Alexa’s Skill and it has helped her master multiplication. She actually got 100% four weeks in a row!! Proud mom over here! 

Since I have purchased compatible smart home gadgets throughout the house, I can use my voice to control the thermostat, lights and more. Alexa has truly transformed the way we live in our home! We also have a smart doorbell and our Echo Show allows us to view the real-time livefeed from outside our door. Convenient, practical and totally cool!

Setting up the Echo Dot Kids Edition was such a breeze too. Once I downloaded the Amazon Alexa app, it was just a few simple steps before she was ready to go! It was up and running within two minutes! 

For my kids, Alexa provides plenty of useful features. For example, FreeTime on Alexa allows parents & kids to enjoy the learning & fun together. Kids can simply ask Alexa questions on science, spelling, math and vocabulary. With the wide variety of Alexa Skills available, there is essentially a limitless number of ways to interact with Alexa. 

Did you know that March is National Reading Month? With Amazon Alexa, my daughters sometimes like to read their books right along with her. In addition to audio-books, there is such a wide selection of educational reading/vocabulary skills, Q&A games, and bedtime routines. 

Sophia really enjoys new books. Thanks to FreeTime on Alexa, Sophia has access to over 1000 Audible books. Her favorite book has been “Amber Brown Wants Extra Credit,” but she really loves discovering new titles every day. In fact, listening to one or two books via Alexa is part of our bedtime routine every evening. I’m sure Alexa is going to be a big part of our educational routine for the rest of this year.

As a mom, I also appreciate all the control Echo Dot Kids Edition gives me in terms of limiting screen time or granting access to age-appropriate content. On the Parental Dashboard, it’s easy to set limits and control every aspect of my child’s use of the device.

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Learn more about how Echo Dot Kids Edition & Amazon Alexa can help your child with their educational goals this year. Experience the Parental Dashboard and see how much control it puts in your hands. Do you have an Amazon Alexa device in your home?

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