5 Reasons to Try ibi This Year

March 22, 2019 20 By EngineerMommy

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As a blogger, I have taken thousands and thousands of photos over the years. As a mom of two, I have documented so many precious moments over the last seven years: their first steps, their first words, their first birthdays… these are memories that I don’t ever want to lose. That’s why I was excited to discover ibi, which is a smart photo manager. I love that ibi makes it easy to bring my photos, videos and favorite people all together!

One of my favorite features about ibi is that it easily collects my favorite photos / videos from my phone, computer, USB drive and social media accounts all in one place. I love the simplicity of that! Once all these memories are on the device, it’s possible to privately share individual photos (or whole albums) from vacations, birthday parties, weddings and more with those that you choose. The power is in your hands! 

So here are five reasons why you need to check out ibi this year. Whether you’re a blogger, a mom, a traveler, or anyone who takes photos, ibi can help you streamline your photo collection.

1. It’s convenient.
This photo manager is the perfect way to keep all the photos & videos important to you in one location. There’s no need to worry about different hard drives, different smart phones, different storage disks… keep everything on ibi! We loaded hundreds of photos & videos from the last several years (the kids’ birthday parties, family vacations, holidays, and more) on ibi. When we want to relive the memories and look at the photos, we can simply watch them via a phone, laptop or web browser. We can even stream photos right to the big screen with Roku or Chromecast – that’s perfect for family parties or gatherings when I want everyone to watch together! No more bothering with photo prints for me… I’ll be organizing my photos digitally with ibi from now on! 

2. It offers peace of mind.
I love that ibi safeguards my data. Since I own the rights to my photos, I alone determine how these photos are used. Even as technology trends vary over time, there’s peace of mind with ibi. Not everything should be shared publicly on social media. I love that ibi makes it possible to share what you want with whom you want. Nowadays that means a lot to me! 

3. It’s easy to use.
Getting started is a breeze. With the compatible smartphone app, setting up the device and filling it with your favorite memories takes mere minutes. There’s no complicated set-up or difficult set of instructions. Simply plug in ibi and download the app. Then you’re ready to collect & share your memories. 

4. It brings people together.
I love that ibi makes it easy to share memories with my family & friends even if they don’t have an ibi of their own. ibi really helps me strengthen my personal relationships with the people who matter most in my life – my inner circle (my closest family & friends)! We love experiencing special memories together through photos/videos.

5. It’s smart!
Thanks to the intuitive software, organizing memories on the device is a breeze. It’s possible to easily organize and find exactly what you’re looking for via the intuitive app. I can search for photos by location or use the timeline to find the photos & videos by date.

ibi should definitely be on your radar for 2019. It’s a fabulous way to manage your precious memories. ibi can be purchased online or through retailers nationwide. I keep ibi on my home office desk so it’s always easy to see my favorite photos.

Find out more about how ibi can both help you streamline your photo collection and share it with your inner circle!

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