Summer Lifestyle Favorites

June 26, 2018 22 By EngineerMommy

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Summer break is in full swing over here. Yesterday I shared some of my favorite accessories for summer and today I’m sharing my warm-weather favorites in the lifestyle category. Can you tell how much I love summertime? Keep reading to see all my top products: everything from my go-to PMS treatment to the cutest fitness tracker and more.

1. Flower Beauty Galactic Glow Holographic Palette
During the summer, it’s all about that glow! I’m loving the Holographic Highlighter Palette from FLOWER Beauty at Walmart. Not only is this face highlighter totally affordable, it’s also creamy and blends well for an effortless application. I also love that there are four different shades to match your mood.

2. Pamprin Multi-Symptom
During spring & summer, I am always chasing the kids at the playground, tackling home improvement projects around the house, and running errands around town. That’s why I can’t let Aunt Flo keep me down. When that time of the month rolls around, I turn to Pamprin Multi-Symptom. I talked about my love for Pamprin back in this post here. Just to recap, Pamprin Multi-Symptom treats all menstrual symptoms: bloating, pain and irritability… not just pain! This sets it apart from other over-the-counter pain relievers.

Summer Lifestyle Favorites

Summer Lifestyle Favorites

In fact, Pamprin Multi-Symptom contains three active ingredients: an antihistamine (relieves irritability), a diuretic (fights against bloating), and a pain reliever (alleviates cramps, headaches, backaches, etc.) I love a good multi-tasking product!
Summer Lifestyle Favorites

Summer Lifestyle Favorites

Pamrpin Multi-Symptom addresses all the symptoms of PMS. Look for Pamprin Multi-Symptom at Walmart in-store or purchase online by clicking here.
Summer Lifestyle Favorites

Summer Lifestyle Favorites

3. Sunsect
Keeping one’s skin protected from the sun is essential throughout the year, but it becomes especially important during the warmer months, when many of us spend extra time outdoors. Many of us also choose to apply an insect repellent when spending time outside. Did you know that when you apply both at the same time, it can cause a counter-effect phenomenon? Sunsect is a single product with both sunscreen and insect repellent and is proven to work well. Plus, it dries quickly into the skin and has no odor.

4. Philips Sonicare Platinum Connected Toothbrush
Nowadays many of us have smart cars, smart doorbells, smart thermostats and more, but do you have a smart toothbrush? The Phillips Smart Toothbrush has been one of my favorite products ever. Not only can you sync the brush to an app on your smartphone, you can also choose among various teeth-cleaning settings. The app provides real-time feedback on the quality of your brushing routine.

5. John Frieda Daily Nourishment Leave-in Conditioner
During the humid summer days, my hair can definitely show signs of frizz and flyaways. To tame all of that, I have been using the John Frieda Leave in Conditioner. I spray some on my damp hair after showering and it conditions my hair, adding shine & manageability. Easy peasy!

6. Vitamix E310 Explorian Series Blender
During hot summer days, I like to keep breakfast quick and easy. That’s why I make smoothies often during the warmer months. By adding in various fruits (berries, bananas, etc.), some veggies (spinach, kale, etc.) and some protein (protein powder, almond butter, etc.), I can create a well-rounded breakfast that takes under a minute to make. What’s best? I can pour it into a to-go container and take it on the road! This Vitamix blender makes easy work of all my blending and food processing needs.

7. Fitbit Flex Activity Tracker
I spend a lot of time being active during the summer. Whether we’re swimming at the pool, hiking at the park or simply walking around the neighborhood, staying fit is important to me. My Fitbit Flex lets me keep track of my movements and encourages me to strive for certain thresholds, such as 10,000 steps per day!

Have you tried any of these products? Which of these would you most like to check out?

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