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Jun 252018

This is a sponsored post written by me for Lizzy James. All opinions are mine alone.

I love experimenting with my wardrobe all year long, but there’s something about the warmer months that inspires me to get extra colorful & playful with my accessories. During spring & summer, I really love trying out new glasses, new bags and new bracelets. Keep reading to see five items I’m really loving for this summer!

1. Sunglasses
I definitely have a thing for sunglasses! In my current collection, there are at least 12 pairs of sunglasses: everything from $5 pairs I picked up on the streets on NYC to designer pairs ordered online from a department store. I wear sunglasses year-round, but during the warmer months, I basically never leave my house without a pair. I even keep a pair in the center console of my car so that even if I happen to leave the house without a pair, a pair is always waiting for me in the car. No more dreaded driving into the sun without eye protection! Some of my favorite pairs in my collection are this one, this one and this one.

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

2. Wrap Bracelets
I recently discovered the Mini Celine wrap bracelets from Lizzy James and I love that they offer two looks in one: both a bracelet and a choker necklace. These pieces come in 50 colors so you are sure to find one that fits your style and your wardrobe. They feature both rose goldplate and silverplate crescents along a raw edge black leather strand.

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

What I love most about the Lizzy James wrap bracelets is that many of them can be customized with various charms for a truly unique look. Plus, they are available in sizes all the way from tiny to xxx-large so everyone can find one that fits. Also, these wrap bracelets are made in the USA and are offered with free shipping for US standard rate orders.
5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

I love that the Lizzy James jewelry line is a majority-female, employee-owned company. As a female engineer, I am all about empowering women and supporting women-run businesses. If you’d like to try out one of these bracelets for yourself, be sure to use this promo code to save big on your order: ENGINEERMOMMY
5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

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5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

3. Clear Bags
Yes, transparent bags made of a clear plastic material are all the rage this year. You can find clear totes, clear cross-body bags and clear fanny packs at multiple retailers. The trick to successfully wearing one of these clear bags is to make sure that everything that goes inside the bag looks presentable. For example, if you are toting around some feminine products, slip those into a cute makeup bag. After all, everything inside the transparent bag will be seen from the outside.

4. Tassel Bag Charms
For me, summer is all about fun colors and playful accessories. I love the look of bag charms and tassels are very popular nowadays. Add one of these tassel bag charms to your favorite purse this summer for a whimsical touch!

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018

5. Frayed Edge Sandals
Sandals made with a fabric that has a frayed edge is definitely on trend this year. You can find simple slides like these or fun denim wedges like these with frayed edges. Don’t forget that pedicure if your toes will be exposed.

Now I’d love to hear from you. Are you incorporating any of these accessories into your summer wardrobe?

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24 Responses to “5 Summer Accessories to Boost your Style in 2018”

  1. I love the tassel charm, the sunglasses, and those awesome bracelets. I’m loving all of your accessories and I have a thing for sunglasses too.

  2. Great accessories especially those bracelets. In summer there are a lot of parties so I will keep all of these ideas handy.

  3. Everything is gorgeous and I would love it to add it to my summer essentials collection. Your wrap bracelet is so pretty it would be perfect as my go to bracelet this summer.

  4. I love wrap bracelets and have several. Yours is ver pretty and something I would wear. Sunglasses are a must.

  5. A couple of favorites for me are the tassels and the wrap bracelets. They would also make great little gifts for summer birthdays.

  6. I am not a big jewelry wearer, but I do love a great bracelet, and that one is beautiful! I would love to get one.

  7. I totally love these summer accessories! Very trendy and looks very vibrant too. I especially love the tasseled earrings.

  8. I had no idea that frayed edge sandals were a trend! Clear bags are a trend I don’t think I could get behind though.

  9. I love wrap bracelets and have way too many sunglasses too. I want those frayed sandals though!

  10. You have just reminded me that I want new sunglasses! Yes, please! Ray-Bans are totally my go-to but I am not sure if I’ll go for another brand this summer.

  11. Sunglasses is a must since it works both for fashion or style and function. Tassel bag charms are huge on trend right now.

  12. I am obsessed with wrap bracelets! I think they’re a wonderful accessory to have this summer. I also love that it goes so well with summer outfits, especially maxi dresses!

  13. I’m loving your style! I am wearing six “cause” bracelets this summer. Three are focused on fresh water, one on a clean ocean, one for repair of the statue of liberty and one for education for girls.

  14. These are great five must have for the summer. I will be checkout it the site that you have provided. Thank you for the information and how to wear each pieces.

  15. I love your wrap bracelet! We are going for a road trip next week so I am planning to get a pair of good sunnies.

  16. Love these wrap bracelets!

  17. Summer is really hear sunglasses and sunblock is definitely needed. I like to accessorize myself as well your bracelet is so pretty on you , I love the design.

  18. sunglasses are a must for me in the summer. I don’t wear much jewelry but I love that wrap bracelet.

  19. Those bracelets are super cute! I would love some new nice shades like those.

  20. My top picks would be the sunglass and the wrap bracelets! I am looking for it before and glad I found it here. Yey!

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