Christmas Decorating Tips – On a Budget!

December 13, 2016 0 By EngineerMommy

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A few days ago, I promised you all here that I would create a post that shares some tips & tricks on how I decorate my home for Christmas – while keeping on a budget! Well, here is that post! Today, I will share some ideas on how you can add that Christmas cheer to your home easily & affordably!

Christmas Decorating Tips – On a Budget!

Christmas Decorating Tips - On a Budget!

Christmas Decorating Tips – On a Budget!

1. Layer, Layer, Layer! When it comes to styling shelves, I have always loved a layered look… you know, one where there is so much to look at. So for these floating shelves in my entryway, I made sure to add a lot of small Christmas decor. I positioned them so that some smaller pieces are in front of some larger pieces. It makes for an interesting display, don’t you think? By the way, many of these pieces were from the dollar store, so there’s no breaking the bank over here! 😉
Here are some gorgeous floating shelves you can purchase online!
2. Think Outside the Box! On my console table, I have one of the cutest Christmas displays ever… at least I think so! All I did was add some salt (“snow”) to various sizes of clear glasses and positioned some Christmas figurines / trees inside. I created a trio of them and surrounded them with some Christmas lights from Tar-jay! I love this look. For the detailed how-to, see this post here!
3. Add Red Bows to Everything … almost everything! When it comes to decorating on a budget, nothing beats finding pieces in your own home that you can spruce up for the holidays. Total cost: $0! That puts a smile on my face. See this candle holder here…
I picked it up from Hobby Lobby on clearance a few years ago and it has nothing to do with Christmas originally. However, once I slap on a big red bow and an angelic dove on the side (both from the dollar store), I now have a festive addition to my living room. I did a similar trick here with this mercury glass vase. I added a small tree and a big red bow. Now it’s fit for Christmas-time display!
I repeated the procedure on my white lantern from Home Goods.
And here is my picture frame terrarium spruced up for Christmas too. For the tutorial on how to take some picture frames and make this glass terrarium, click here.
4. Stick to a Theme! When it comes to Christmas trees, I definitely like a unified look. This year we are doing a rustic glam theme. I incorporated plenty of woodland elements into my tree decor and I absolutely love the way it came out. There’s no need to spend a fortune on ornaments- you can find gorgeous pieces from Walmart and the dollar store.



5. Repurpose Gift Bags! Do you know how gorgeous the gift bags are from the dollar store? The scenes on the side of these gift bags are truly breathtaking sometimes. Grab one bag, cut out the scene and place it in a frame. That is what I did with these picture frames in my hallway. I love the way they look!
I hope these tips helped you decorate your home, while saving some cash! For the full video on my Christmas Home Tour 2016, please click here! Now tell me, have you used any of these tips in your own home?

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