9 Easter Crafts for Kids

February 28, 2016 1 By EngineerMommy

Easter comes early this year! My kids love doing arts & crafts projects for the different holidays, so I’m always on the lookout for fun, crafty ways to celebrate the holidays. Below I am rounding up some fun, easy-to-do Easter crafts that are perfect for kids. By the way, many of these look so good that they totally double up as cute home decor, too! I love a versatile project!

9 Easter Crafts for Kids

9 Easter Crafts for Kids

9 Easter Crafts for Kids

1. This Easter Egg tree is such a fun, easy craft to do. You can pick up those little eggs anywhere and then simply assemble them into an adorable little decoration for your home! source

2. These Toilet Roll Bunnies are so adorable that I know my kids would love to make these. We always love doing toilet paper roll crafts. source

3. This Bird’s Nest Bowl is such a fun project. It would be perfect for Easter with a light, pastel color and filled with some yummy treats! source

4. We all have wooden spoons lying around the house. How cute is this chick puppet? This looks like such a quick, easy project, too! source

5. This Easter Egg Parade is probably the cutest little collection of little characters ever. How much fun would it be to decorate these little eggs with the kids?! source

6. These envelope buddies would be so perfect for handing out little treats to the kids during an Easter party. Get the simple tutorial to make these yourself. source

7. This Easter Basket is embellished with bright, colorful buttons for a fun twist on a classic. source

8. This Paint Chip Easter Art set is so easy to make. Simple cut out paint chips in egg-shapes and frame for easy seasonal decor. source

9.Decorating Easter eggs is a fun project that you can totally do with the kids. Here is a cool, new way to spruce up Easter eggs with abstract dots! source

Hope these ideas give you some inspiration. Now, tell me how are you planning on getting the kids involved in Easter?

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